Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sex, Bacon and Pancakes.

He said 20 minutes. Shower. Dress. Call. Both tired, both exhausted. Long day for both of us. Silence, ok silence, not too uncomfortable. He rests his brain, I think of things. We talk about our meeting. Fucking. Sex. What kind of sex we want and like. I explain I like sex where I lose control. He likes it when I stay in control.
He'll make me pancakes. I want bacon. He asks how I like it. He already knows I want it crispy, the bacon that is. I don't know how he knows. He just does.
More talk of sex, of clothes, of furniture of spanking and bashing. I help myself to my clit. I'm wet, I could be wetter. We talk about stockings, thigh high, stay ups. Wetter now. He describes from behind, panties pulled to one side, pushing in and out. Bashing he says. Pounding. and he cums on my ass, all over my panties, pushes his dripping cock back inside me and then slips into my mouth. I came. I came hard. He asks as I cum, are you losing control? and I laugh, laughing so hard my orgasm prolongs... The contractions are like hiccups, following my laughter. I finish and I catch my breath. By that point I couldn't remember what he'd said anymore. I'd lost it. I lost myself. Just the way I like it.

*I needed to get this down, but didn't know how to write it so it's a stream of consciousness style. Excuse the scattered randomness of it.*


Osbasso said...

Works for me!

cammies on the floor said...

I rather like it like this, the carried away of actions and thoughts, the gritty and rawness of it.

Advizor54 said...

Well, if my penis is any judge of good writing, you wrote very very well.

Lust isn't about control, it's about losing it, giving in to it, letting it take us where ever it wants. And using laughter to prolong it all is just icing on the cake.

john smith said...

I love it! Of course I love everything you write! You are a very lovely lady and I read everything you write, I don't always comment but I do enjoy reading your thoughts as you write them. I am a fan. Thanks for writing what you do. I find it awesome.

Cande said...

Hey thanks you guys! I haven't seen this many comments on my blog since HNT ;) I guess I should try writing like this more often.... I really appreciate the compliments, you are all too kind. Big hugs to all.