Thursday, June 30, 2016

The package!

OMG, omg, omg.
Guess what came in the mail today? Squeeeeeee.
Ok so I was teaching from home this morning and when my student went to leave I opened the door to find the package standing in front of it. Not sure why the postwoman didn't buzz me, but YAY. I was so excited to see it sitting there.

I saw my student off and grabbed the package and sat it on my table. I took a picture of it and then proceeded to open it.

On opening, the first thing I saw was chips. Lol mini bags of Doritos tangy cheese chips. They're bright orange so yeah, pretty easy to spot. There, nestled in between, was also a package of Haribo sour gummies. It definitely made me laugh. He knows me so well.

The packaging was brown as well as there being brown paper wrapping the bowls so at first I didn't notice the beige object sitting next to the chips. Once I had the chips out I realized there were a couple objects in transparent plastic bags. The first one was a shirt. It was a beige Beasty Boys shirt that (I found out later) he gave me because the colour didn't suit him. I instinctively smelled the shirt. I tend to smell everything. I smelled the paper too lol. In any case the shirt, while it didn't smell like his deodorant, the smell still reminded me of him..... not sure why. I'll be wearing it as a pj, it's big on me, or if I can, I might try to size it down on my sewing machine.

Wedged down the side of the box there was another plastic bag containing a picture of him in a scenic mountain landscape. It was from a while back. His head was shaved. But I loved the fact that he put in a picture of himself. I immediately hid the picture with my hand written diary. By this point I was laughing (by myself) and giddy and shaking. I was beyond happy I guess.

Next were the bowls. They were both wrapped in the brown paper. I took the first one out and unwrapped it, admired it and looked for a place to put it. They are a beautiful shade of light blue that goes well with my decor. When I picked up the second one though I realized that there was something inside.

I guess I was emotional because when I opened the last bowl I started to laugh and cry all at once. In the bowl he'd stuffed a globe themed golf ball and a Scrabble key chain with his initial letter on it. That was it, the waterworks turned on.

Don't get me wrong. Most of the things he put in were not bought for me – with the exception of the Doritos and gummies. They were things he found around, which makes them perfect reminders of him. They are little pieces of his personality that I know so well. The golf ball did it for me I think. It's so him, plus the whole reason we meet up is because of his 'golf trips'. So that's in my bedside table for now.

The bowls are sitting in my living room. One is on a bookshelf up on a top shelf so the bf doesn't get suspicious with two blue bowls showing up out of the blue (oops, no pun intended). The other is sitting on a buffet cabinet where I have a little display of various objects I like. Above the cabinet there's some random art hanging, some is mine some is by my mother, there's a metal ram's head and I've hung the Scrabble keychain from his horn. It blends into the rest quite well. Actually it makes the display even better.

I obviously texted him to thank him and to tell him I'd received everything in good order. I told him I cried, he told me to quit being gay. I sent him a picture of one of the bowls in its new home on the buffet cabinet and wondered if he'd spot the key chain hanging on the ram on the wall (I had to hint at it).

Today.... Today totally made up for my crappy day Tuesday when my bike got stolen and then I got some sort of stomach flu the same evening. Tenfold.

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Fellow Canuck said...

Wow sounds like a good day. Guess you can't send him anything?