Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm not dead!

So yeah I've been neglecting the blog and I apologize for that.
I have a series of excuses but in reality there is no excuse. I should be trying to post more often.

1) I have been crazy busy. Co-W was away for one of our busiest weeks at the art school, my boss was a nightmare to work with.

2) It's September and I teach English so I have a buttload of new and old kids (and adults) who are starting lessons right now.

3) I have not been well at all. I haven't been well for somewhere around 3 months. At the moment I think it's kidney stones but there are other issues I'm desperately trying to sort out as well. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for an ultrasound and I have test results coming in next week to see if I have helicobacter and peptic ulcers (dread dread).

4) I have been spending all my free time with the bf or working on art rather than on the computer.

Rob asked me to create something artistic for him which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. I had to use quill pens and fountain pens and calligraphy which I haven't done in years. Plus I got to buy shiny new art supplies, so I have been sucked into the vortex of a new technique and have been entirely too enthralled by that. When I'm feeling well enough I sit and draw or paint or whatever you want to call this technique with a quill pen and beautiful gold ink. Good fun.

5) I haven't had much to say over the past while. But this is not a valid excuse, writing begets writing so I should simply do more of it.

6) when I do find some time to write I'm feeling lazy and would rather watch a TV show (also not a valid excuse).

So there it is, my valiant return to the blogworld. I hope all 4 of my readers are well.

I will be back sooner this time.


Peter Princip said...

Life gets in the way of erotic blogging...

I hope your health issues resolve, it's difficult to feel sexy when you do not feel well.

It was good to see that you are still around. :)

Fellow Canuck said...

Glad to hear you're still around. Hope it is more often. Get better.
Are you going to answer any of my questions in the last post? Have a good week.

Ebony Panther said...

All 4 of us, as you say, are doing fine. Hope you feel better very soon.

Cande said...

Peter and Ebony: thanks I hope so too, I'm getting a little desperate for things to come to some conclusion.

Canuck: I am tanned yes, I love tan lines and have a few. I'm not up for saying where in Canada I'm from. I'd rather keep that anonymous.

Fellow Canuck said...

Ok I get keeping hush-hush about where you are from. What do you miss the most (other than family and friends) do you miss from the great white north?

Osbasso said...

Did you count me in as part of the 4? ;-)