Friday, June 15, 2018

Trip to Istanbul

Hey, I'm actually managing to keep this up... for now.

So I live far, far away from the rest of my family. Not just because I myself am an expat, but because all my close family are expats too. We all live in completely different corners of the world. My sister lives in Asia and will be coming to Europe (or close to it) to see me. She decided on Istanbul so I'm meeting her there.

Every time she comes to visit she comes somewhere close, but not to my home town since she's already been here so many times. This way I can meet up with her easily and have a quick vacation while we're at it. Every time she comes to the area she asks if BF will be able to join us and every time I ask him he hems and haws about it. Every time he says he doesn't know if he'll make it, doesn't know what his work schedule will be like. He says that if he goes on a holiday now he won't be able to afford our regular holiday in August. Since he's vague about whether he can come or not, it means that as my sister's trip gets closer she asks me the dates that WE're available, how many rooms in the apartment we should rent etc. Details that we need to settle before we travel and EVERY time bf stays vague and ultimately says he can't come at the last minute or only if I press him for an answer.
This has been three years now.

This year I got angry, I said that if it was an issue with money I'd pay for it, and lo and behold he accepted to come. I am regretting it now. I think it's going to be a nightmare, I may be wrong, but it's a gut feeling.

In the meantime I am seriously contemplating breaking it off again. If things go badly in Istanbul it'll be easier to do.


Advizor54 said...

Anyone who complains about going on vacation with a beautiful woman AND her sister doesn't deserve to go. However, if he passes the travel partner worthiness test you should let him go.

He needs to get a 100% score on the following "Just Dance" challenge, while in costume as the belly dancer.

If he passes, give him a shot.

But seriously, he shouldn't be a dick about going. Either you are in or you are out. Get a better job so he can travel on his own dime or stay home and whine about it. He shouldn't be albe to whine and still go. One or the other bub.

And just to prove that TMBG are the best ever, here's another version of the best dance song ever.

james said...

been telling you for a while to break it off with him, not sure what he means to you. He makes your life hell. Be done with him, before Istanbul. Go there and have fun and meet a few good , or bad, men. but don't keep keep in touch with the bad ones. Good luck

phoenix said...

Glad your back I've been checking for new updates regularly.

Peter Princip said...

Being able to travel with someone is important. That is one thing with my wife that I do like, we travel well together. I believe we have only had sex while traveling in the last 2 years...which means we have had sex about twice...ugh.

Why are you still with your BF? What about the relationship keeps you there? There must be something that you still get out of it, or are you just stubborn and don't want to give up on something?

My daughter is in a 2 year relationship with a guy who is a lazy douchbag and they fight constantly and she complains about him all the time...I can't figure out what she is getting out of the relationship. The sarcastic perv in me thinks he must have a big dick and the ability to lick the rind off a watermelon. She can never answer me when I ask, why?

Ebony Panther said...

I think at this point, if you're unhappy, you should break it off. The older you get, the more you realize that time is short & it's not worth it being unhappy in anything you do or who you're with. You deserve happiness.