Thursday, November 12, 2009

HNT actually on a Thursday!

Today is actually Thursday! haha I managed to get a pic up for HNT today.

Bf is going away for a few days before we leave for a 2 month tour of Asia so I'll be able to get some extra blogging done and hopefully to get some more HNTs.


James said...

Great HNT. That's a very seductive look.

Soul Powers said...

Love it, Cande!

I wish I could go on a trip like that. I hope you have a blast.

Gray said...

Now that sounds like fun!! Take lots of pictures:)


Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely

Leonhart said...

You look like some kind of sexual female superhero that swooped in.

More pics you say? Well I can't say I am at all disappointed about that!

Cande said...

James: Thank you, I was hoping it was seductive ;)

Soul: I'm sure I will have a blast. I'll probably have lots to tell when I get back :)

Gray: Yeah definitely lots of pictures! Thanks hon!

Eternal List: thank you, thank you!

Leonhart: haha I wish! I could solve so many problems if I were a superhero. I can't promise , but I can hope!

Advizor said...

What a wonderful picture, and, your boyfriend's loss is our gain. Can't wait for more!!!

Love, love, love the jacket.