Thursday, November 5, 2009

Young love

I think I have figured out why mother nature makes us fall in love prevalently when we are young. As we get older people change. They get more quirky. But that's not the reason why.
The reason why is that we are wiser and notice other people's quirks more. We are capable of recognizing the ones that are dangerous, and the ones that define others as obsessive compulsive, manic depressive or what ever other disorder.
It gets harder and harder to find a long lasting partner as we get older because of just that, we notice their faults more than we did when we were younger.
When you're young and reckless you don't pay attention to details as much, to faults and quirks. When you're older it's often all you notice in a person, the things that annoy you, or just plain piss you off.

What do you think?


Gray said...

You could be right, but when the right person comes along, faults, flaws and all, none of it matters..;)

Cande said...

Too true! It's just harder to find that right person I think ;)

Soul Powers said...

You could be on to something with this theory... Hmmm... I know I wouldn't be with who I'm with if I was who I am now. I'm much more intuitive and less 'dreamy' about love.

Leonhart said...

I think those might be reasons why it's harder to meet someone to fall in love with, but falling in love happens quick whether you're young or old.

Cande said...

Soul Powers: I think I have the same problem.

Leonhart, Good point! That is also very true

Advizor said...

Years ago my brother, who is now 51 and still single, said that he would never get married because he was too set in his ways and other people just annoyed him now.

I married later than most of my friends at 29 and it wasn't as honeymoon-like as with my friends who married at 24 and 25.

And more recently, as I've gone through ups and downs in my marriage, I've thought about getting back in the dating scene and how tough it might be to find someone who I could put up with, or more rare, who could put up with me.