Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crack or Crank?

Today I feel like things are just falling apart around me. There seems to be no end to it all.

Bf's brother was in hospital for three days doing a massive chemo treatment because he'll be doing a stamina cell transplant soon. He just got home yesterday.
Yesterday I had to go to a funeral of sorts. A colleague of mine's husband just died. Neither of them were very young, he was 77, but they had only been married for 3 years, and he got cancer of the pancreas and died.

When I got home bf told me that we had to go to his brother's house to talk about their son. I've mentioned their son before. He has been selling drugs, mostly hash and marijuana for a few years now. He's about 20. Yesterday, yes the day his father got home from three days in hospital, and the mother found different drugs in his room with a wad of cash. She called her cousin to see what it was and they called him and told him that he was kicked out of the house.

We got to bf's brother's place and the wife pulled out the drugs to show us. It was LSD tabs and something that was a light yellow crystalline chunk of some kind, individually wrapped. It looked bad. I don't know a lot about drugs, but I know enough that it wasn't a good thing. I can handle seeing LSD tabs, but this crystal shit looked bad.
In the meantime we spoke to his brother about the situation and he blew up, almost in tears, didn't want to deal with it, blaming the wife type situation.

I came home a mess last night, went on internet looking for the drug, and only two kinds of drugs, that I could find, come in light yellow crystal chunks:
1) Crack Cocaine
2) Crystal Meth (in this format called CRANK)


Fucking shit hell of a bastard.
He's 20, possibly selling Meth or Crack in discos with LSD, he has a 14 yr old sister in the house and a father who's sick with cancer!?!?
And I wouldn't doubt that he's on meth himself.

Bf has now gone out to look for him, with his mother. Trying to convince him to go into therapy... Riiiiiight....

Right so that's where I am these days.... anyone got some meth so I can escape?? heh..... jeeeze...


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Sorry for all this trouble... tough! Maybe it is worth helping the 20 year old?

Cande said...

Absolutely.... That's what we're hoping to do.... It's not gonna be easy though....

Advizor said...

I hope that you and your family can get him the help he needs and that he accepts it. It's tough to see those around us get in to trouble of their own making. If he can be convinced to stop on his own, get into rehab if needed, and work with the police instead of waiting to get caught, he might be able to move forward.

Best of luck from your faithful readers.