Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to regular transmission

I was hoping to write more this week since I'm kinda home from work but I've got a huge translating job to do and therefore I've been concentrating my energy on that. But I do have a couple posts lined up and hopefully an HNT... I have the pics I just have to post them!

I caught up briefly with Rob this morning. I've been trying to catch him on-line since I got back. I haven't been desperate to chat to him, but I did want to clear a few things up. I'm surprisingly pretty light-hearted about the whole situation. I honestly have moved along fine. I suspect that my "emotional breakdown" wasn't completely connected to him bailing on me. Or maybe I am subconsciously relieved that he bailed on me. In any case today I simply asked him to eventually (not today) decide if he wanted to go through with fucking me, and that if he didn't that was ok too. I just need to know if he thinks he can go through with it.

He logged off Skype pretty quickly and I'm now trying to concentrate on my translation again. After catching him on-line it isn't easy to concentrate. Just cause I have a million doubts running through my mind around him.

I got slapped on the ass again Friday morning, this time one of my colleagues was present. I was super horny after that for the whole day... I wanted to jump him.

I was pretty jealous all last week because we had a temp working with us, she was tall, blond, thin, blue eyes... yeah she kinda reminded me of me. And Co-worker boy flirted with her a bit.
Thursday I wore a mini skirt over leggings to work, and he caught me bent over at one point. He came in the door from behind me and I shifted my head to see him from beside my legs and I stuck out my tongue at him. He just said "I like it" and left... I don't think he was talking about my tongue.

I've also gotten into the habit of texting him a little about just anything. He's usually super cryptic when he answers, but I did get a couple of full sentence texts back and was happy about that even if it was nothing of note.

One thing I do think about on occasion though is if something ever did happen between us, it would be a mess. I mean it wouldn't be a problem on my side... in that I've somehow committed myself to the idea of cheating on bf at some point with someone. But I don't know if I could live with the guilt of tempting Co-worker into cheating on his gf. I like her, she doesn't deserve it.

I haven't been on Skype or Chatroulette at all since I've been back from London, so that's over a month (including while I was there) of abstinence of online sex. I'm not sure why, I'm guessing it's the season and lack of time or energy. Once spring rolls round I'll probably be back on again.

All in all, everything is good. I'm fine with bf, I'm fine with Rob, I'm fine... perhaps extra-fine with Co-worker... so all's good.


Advizor54 said...

it's good to clear the air with Rob and kind of, gently, push him in to clarifying his own plans. He shouldn't string you along. I'm glad you are back and in a lighter mood. Good luck with the translations!

Anonymous said...

All good for sure it sounds like.

Surely Rob didn't say he wouldn't/couldn't fuck you? WTF? You need a ticket across the pond! I'm betting you would have no problem with guys saying no.

Good luck with co-worker too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, glad to see you back and everything is ok, that is something to be thankful for.

Question about Skype, what is your "strategy", do you have online contacts from other places or do you meet people directly from using Skype? Chatroulette made my head spin trying to use it, and I don't feel like going back to AFF, was curious about Skype. Any tips would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

if you want to blow co-workers mind stick a picture of your self under his keyboard and then text him to lift it up..... pending on the picture of your self you put there he may have trouble standing up.

OK i like to tease too

Cande said...

Advizor: Yeah, even if we didn't clear for now... but yes, I'm lighter :)

BP: All's good yep. He just wigged out because he didn't want to cheat, but hmm as for guys saying no... it happens ;)

Marcus: Sent you an email for the skype question... might be easier than writing a long involved answer here.

DOG3OY: now that's a good suggestion.... except we don't work with computers. so he has no keyboard that I could hide something under :(

Anonymous said...

bummer, unfortunately I've lived in this air conditioned hell bathed in fluorescent lighting for so long i cant imagine a universe past the reception desk.... i have been told its a wonderful place filled with hot chicks and beer....

is this true?

Cande said...

Sorry.... I was just taking a break to get myself off there... um chicks and beer world?... mine's full of art and dust, but I suppose in other places it's full of chicks and beer. I say we go find out.

Anonymous said...

just torture us little cube dwellers some more with your mastibational freedoms...

its a date, i'll bring the torch and a rope

Cande said...

Are you planning on climbing out of your cube? hmmm be careful of the dangerous boss demon...

The torch will be useful to hit him on the head. The rope will be useful to tie him.... heck... me up :-)

Anonymous said...

those guys suck then.
Short trip across the pond.