Sunday, November 7, 2010

The end of London

It’s my last night in London. I’ve had a good time, although it could have been better in some aspects. I could have met more people I think.
I spent the first three days with friends of my family who were on vacation here. They were staying in a mansion in the countryside outside of London. They cooked me food and took me hiking in the forests and hills, it was beautiful.
I then came into London on Thursday morning and spent the day getting lost on the Thames. I went to the Tate Britain instead of the Tate Modern. I’d already seen the Tate Britain. I walked until it felt like my legs were going to fall off.
I visited another friend for dinner, and then yesterday I went to the science museum and the Tate Modern… finally. I saw paintings by the likes of Mirò, Picasso, Dalì, Magritte, Matisse, Alexander Calder (mobiles), De Chirico and so many more that I can’t remember the names. I saw an amazing installation of Sunflower Seeds, and when I say amazing… I mean AMAZING…. Incredible…. Insane almost.
I spent the night at a friend’s house and then back out into the world this morning to the Saatchi gallery, where there were some pretty impressive works. My favourite, or the one that has the most lasting impression on me was a piece with minute… I mean insect sized, skeletons riding insects. Totally intense. I can’t get over the work that went into constructing each little skeleton with insect parts or bits of plants…. Man…
I spent the afternoon today wandering, getting groceries, and just basically spending time on my own.

I did meet two guys Friday night. They were staying in the same dorm room as me. One was from Alaska, and the other was from Britain somewhere. The brit guy was 16... But he bought us beer! Ha! The other was a talkative cute guy in his late 20s I’d say, who might have flirted more had the 16 year old not been there. I should have asked him to come to the science museum with me. But I didn’t think of it in time. He would have come too… And I would have asked. He was funny. We did spend Friday night drinking beer and just chatting about random things.

All in all I can’t say that I preferred it over seeing Rob… but I did enjoy myself. I really appreciated the time on my own. I dread going back to work Monday. I have long days ahead and this wasn’t really a break. But anyhow it was a mental break from the bf and the small town I live in.


Anonymous said...

I loved visiting all the museums in Washington DC, I dream about the day I can visit museums and historical sites in Europe.

In the US history is what happened a couple of hundred years ago, unless you are talking about Indian ruins (which I love to hike to). I Europe it is thousands of years... fascinating.

Glad you had some fun, that is what life is about!

Eden said...

Cande, I'm glad you had a good time at least. A break away is always great and you deserved to relax away from home and BF. Even having time on one's own to reflect is never really a bad thing :-)

If you are in London another time you are welcome to get in touch - I'd be happy to show you some other parts of the city if you wanted.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like a good time to me! I am glad you had fun.

Advizor54 said...

Wait, wait, wait.... 100 million?

100,000,000 seeds
1,666,667 hours at one per minute
1,600 people involved
1,042 hours per person

That is something incredible and I'm sure I'm underestimating the time per seed. Insanity isn't a bad description.

I love art that stuns me, either visually or emotionally. Maybe that is why I consider your blog to be art.

I'm glad you had a good time, even if it wasn't what you had planned.

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Good to see you had fun! Anazing exhibition. You deserved this break. I'm almost jealous, I love London!

Cande said...

Kenny: museums are my favourite part of London, they're totally free. I can't get over that. I could sit for hours inside just sketching or staring at paintings.

Eden: Wow really?? I'll be back in May, maybe we should get together for coffee!

Pappi: Hey!! good to see you here :) I'm glad I had fun too!

Advizor: I know!!!!!! I was blown away. I'm not sure my blog could be compared to art... but thanks for the compliment ;-)

Frenchy, Next time you can come with me! we'll all meet up for coffee!