Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving forward?

Things are moving forward on all fronts. Although I don't know where they are going exactly. At least I feel like things are not stagnant.

Bf is getting his exams done to get his new job on the go. I'm proud of him, but at the same time I don't know how easy it will be for him to get work. Without getting into too much detail due to the whole public blog problem I'll say that his career move is very tightly connected to my own work. To be clear I work a few different jobs one (where co-worker works) is with tourists and bf has hinged his career on ours. Except my boss is having to make cutbacks due to the world economy and both Co-worker and my other colleague are thinking of backing out. If they back out, I won't be staying and I think the business will then just peter out. I'm worried that bf relies on that a little too much.

Me and work
I love my jobs, especially the one where Co-worker works, I really do, but a lot of me is staying for the art, and part of me is staying for co-worker. 
Where I'm headed though is into a possible business venture. Opening my own business. Next week I go into a meeting to see about EU grants. If it goes as I think it does I may end up leaving my current job to do something of my own. I don't have my hopes too high, but I am relatively wound up about it. I like the idea to an extent.
As for my fibro and muscle relaxants I feel like the meds have settled a little bit, but at the same time the smallest slip up, like an afternoon nap has my blood pressure plummeting and me being jumpy, dizzy and on edge.
I will probably book my tickets to London this week. 

We had a wonderful little exchange yesterday. The whole little affair had me trembling, grinning and giddy. It wasn't anything that anyone might call incredible, but it was all mine and filled me with warm fuzzy. lol.

I saw him yesterday. When things happen they all happen at once. It was nothing special, except that we didn't really look each other in the eyes. He did stop in front of me to ask me the correct pronunciation of a word and blathered on about a song in the movie Juno. It was one of those scenes that you'd see in a movie where the guy goes on talking almost uncomfortably embarrassingly. It only strikes me now that I'm writing about it. 
Apart from that, there was absolutely nothing. All I wanted to do was send a text. But I didn't. 

The Italian
We never did hook up the weekend he was here. And I do want to meet him. I want to see him. But I needed a little more forewarning. I just needed to work out the details in advance.


Michael said...

It's very good that you think everything is progressing. I'm glad the the firbro seems better. It's also hard to believe that it was last May that you got together with Rob. But are you and bf going to stay together? Has anything been (finally) resolved with this? Where do you 2 stand (or lie as it may be)?


Advizor54 said...

Going out on your own is an exciting idea and I think your talent can take you a long way. Remember that Southern California has a great art market and your modeling career could catch fire as well.