Saturday, March 31, 2012

Getting there.

Rob and the Trip
I have been rushing around, working, but also getting ready for the trip in April. As it draws closer I get more excited. I stop mid action to think about it often. I find myself thinking about a lot of things. But overall it's mostly daydreaming about what we'll do.

Rob recently got me to download a little game that I am loving. It's a free app called Drawsomething. You draw something and the other person has to guess what it is. It's funny, cause I get to watch him draw, every stroke is recorded. I have a few games going with other people, people I don't know. But with him I love to watch his drawings grow. They make me laugh. Good fun.

All sorts of things run through my head though.....

I've recently discovered that a woman is split into two selves. One that is hungry for passion, sex, often hard fucking, the wild animal side. The other half is hungry for the romance, the emotions, the love, the late night conversations and feeling wanted.

I think it's hard for a man to satisfy both of those women. It's hard for them to know when a woman wants one thing over another. And women tend to expect men to just "know" when to be romantic as opposed to fucking her brains out.

Fibro meds
I seem to be assimilating the Fibro medication better. Although my mouth feels like a desert almost constantly. I have been drinking litres and litres of water. I have been taking it for a month now. I talked to my doctor who suggested halving the dose which I am starting this evening.

The nice thing is that I am feeling better all round. I haven't had any of my usual cramping in the morning or any other time to be honest. I seem to have a little more energy. Although there are times, especially in the afternoon where I really feel like I need a boost. I can't drink coffee so I lean heavily on tea and dark chocolate.

I'm still having a hard time getting up in the morning, but that is both due to the meds but also the time change that we had last week.

The weather has been spectacular recently, HOT and sunny. I have been sitting out in the sun a lot, getting a bit of early tan :) I love the sun. It relaxes me to no end. I never get terribly dark, but it's nice to have that golden tinge rather than the pale winter skin.


Anonymous said...

you could play with me!

on draw or words w friends!

I'd win though.

Glad all is well

Advizor54 said...

I love the anticipation of a trip, of meeting a friend, of doing something special. The challenge will be explaining all of the random smiles and the far away looks.