Sunday, March 4, 2012

Common musings

The days have been dragging on even if it's spring here. The weather has warmed up just enough to be able to enjoy being outdoors but I've been out very little compared to what I'd like. I tend to limit myself to my own patio, soaking up the warm rays of the sun. Recharging my batteries.

I talked to Rob for a little bit at the end of last week, around Thursday. And I thought I was going to see Co-worker on Friday but that didn't happen. I haven't seen Co-worker at all in ages. I did talk to him on the phone last Monday but it was purely work.

My doctor put me on some muscle relaxants. I started them Friday eve. Saturday my blood pressure crashed and burned in the afternoon. Possibly due to the meds, possibly due to overheating and oversleeping. I was barely able to move. Bf got me some black tea and some chocolate and that seemed to boost me a little.

There was a strange series of events yesterday. I got a chat from the Italian guy saying that he'd be in my area this weekend until Tuesday. We had a brief chat on Saturday evening and I honestly wanted to go to see him today (Sunday). We had it all worked out, except I hadn't had time to work any excuses out with BF. That evening I planned on telling BF there was an art show I wanted to see in a nearby town, but when push came to shove, BF insisted that we go to a different town to take a jacket back that he had bought for me.

End of the story is that we didn't go to take the jacket back. I was feeling too weak from the blood pressure collapse from yesterday and ended up taking it easy at home. It was frustrating knowing that I could have taken the day to go to see the Italian instead.

If only I'd had just a little more warning I'd have set up a day to go out of town without bf and this way bf wouldn't have insisted on going somewhere else. Technically I still have monday and tuesday to organize something, but I'm working on both those days.

Gah. So frustrating.


Advizor54 said...

It is hard to get plans arranged on short notice, but it's nice to think he still wants to get together.

I hope you are feeling better. Is your issue blood pressure or blood sugar related? From your brief description, it sounds like it could be either one. Take care of yourself, and get outside and let the sun work it's magic.


Ethan Lambert said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Did you ever manage to touch base with the Italian?