Thursday, April 5, 2012

Studio progress.

I have such a terrible flu. Ugh. I'm just glad it's now and not while I'm in London.

However despite the flu and the lack of energy to get worked up, I am happy and really excited about going, the anticipation is building and even rob and I have found each other online a little more than usual these days. k... well twice. Once I got off and yesterday he got off. It was short and sweet yesterday as bf was on his way home. I just watched and talked. He would threaten to put it away if I didn't talk. It's a good teaching method.... very effective I'd say seeing as I'm quite shy about talking. I do admit though that I sound sexier now with my husky cold voice. Heh.

I've also looked into studio spaces. Strangely I have two apartments on either side of where I live which are both free or freeing up. I've talked to one owner who is willing to rent it to me for a pretty low price but he wants to "share" it as an office space. It would be totally under the table and it would be economically convenient for me, but I wouldn't be able to use it as an apartment at all, just a studio, just for my lessons and a place to spend some time alone on art. I wouldn't be as artistically free as I'd like since he wants to keep it an office. So I could have a drawing table set up, but the "artistic stuff" would have to be hidden somewhere. And that's basically the same thing I do at home which kinda sucks. I need a place where I can just keep stuff out, not have to put it away each time. He would never use the place himself, he's been into the apartment twice in 4 years, since he bought it. So I don't have to worry about being walked in on, but there is the fact that he'd be keeping his stuff in there.

The other apartment was a better alternative, it had a better set up for art in general, meaning tile floors in the front room, the other apt has wood flooring throughout. Whatever... it's out of the question now anyhow, as I was writing this the landlord let me know that it wouldn't be possible to rent it under the table.

I guess I'll talk to the other guy again and see what he says. It might be worth it just cause it's so cheap.

hmmmm things to think about.

My upstairs neighbour's sister died last night. It shouldn't influence me, I barely knew her, but it still gets to me. I have been hearing about her progress with her cancer for months. Cancer has been way too close to my family with my mother and aunt passing away young. And I've known too many people affected by it in some way or other. It hits close and shakes me a little when someone I know is going through what I've been through.

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