Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apartments and short term ex boyfriends.

Well I went to see that apartment, and yet again it was not what I was looking for. It was too small. The owner did mention that he knew of something larger, a neighbour of his, but I obviously won't know anything until they let me know. I'll probably make a couple of calls this week for places I saw advertised.

Over the past while bf has been acting a little funny. I think he's trying to exert his control or power over me in a sort of round about way. He jokes but I guess we all know that jokes don't really exist. He jokingly assaults me when I get home, asking me where I've been, even if he knows I've been teaching. He does it with a smile on his face, and I smile and say that I'm not going to tell him, but honestly he does it so often that I'm pretty sure he genuinely feels some kind of shift in me. It's slight, but it's there.

I've found some freedom, I don't tell him everything about where I go or how long I'm going to be and this is his reaction.


On a totally different note I've been contacted by another ex bf on Facebook. This one is going through a divorce. He's got two kids. We dated during my year break from here after my first year of living here. I left bf, I'd decided to go back home, my visa and flight were up so I took them and went home. During that time I dated ooh somewhere around 4 guys in one year. Bf came out to visit which is what turned the table for me and I ended up coming back here.

Anyhow this guy was a very very short fling. He was a guy I was working with. I guess we had sex, but I don't actually remember the sex. He was an odd one though, constantly horny, constantly dry humping, even while asleep. He was nice enough, but just not my type. He found me on fb a few years back and I accepted his request. Now he's been saying hi... twice now, short conversations really... but I think he needs someone to talk to. It's funny how we get attached to our past like this. Even after a really short relationship this guy still places a certain amount of importance on that it.


Marcus said...

Hmmmm, could be me, going through a divorce, two kids, however probably not since I have not dated any women who now live in Italy.

I think there were people in my life like that from time to time, people who only briefly were in my life but something led me back to them.

Good luck with the apartment hunting as well as moving forward. It is not easy to make changes like this even if for the better in the long run.

Advizor54 said...

This is one of the reasons I am not on Facebook in real life. I don't need any ex's coming back into the picture, my life is complicated enough as it is. OK, I'll admit that if KS called, I'd answer, but then what?

We do seek comfort from the past, the "good old days" are always better than the depressing hear and now, and I get that longing sometimes, that big sigh and the thoughts of calling KS, or AB, or any of those who made you smile in years past. What we forget is that, for some reason, we aren't with those people now. We forget the pain that pulled us apart. We shouldn't.

BF is probably picking up on your subtle shifts, the longer outings that aren't explained, even if they are totally innocent.

Remain calm and carry on.