Monday, November 5, 2012

Mondays suck more than usual...

And not in a good way either.

I've come down with a nasty cold and yet I still had to work. *insert whining noises here* I went in to work this morning, and usually I see co-worker on Monday afternoons but alas I wasn't well enough to work this afternoon and so I shuffled home and tried to rest before working again this evening teaching English.

In my last post I said that I earned 5000 euros a month... My bad, I actually earn 5000 a year (I've corrected it now), I wish it were a year!! Lol I'd be pretty happy earning 5000 a month.
Having said that, since I am a freelance worker I don't get sick days or holiday pay either... Which is why I still go in to work in my piteous state. *insert more whining noises here*

Rob sent me a wonderful email and pic on Thursday finally fulfilling his first pic challenge. It was such a bad day Thursday and such a great thing to receive I had to take a minute to appreciate it. I sent him a nice pic and his next challenge. I'm sure it will take him a little while to sit and send me the next one, but I honestly don't mind. It's nice getting a surprise when you're least expecting it.

Did I mention that I need a holiday? someplace warm and dry would be nice. any suggestions? can't be expensive.... something dirt cheap, no rain, bonus if there's a beach and good diving/snorkeling.

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Advizor54 said...

Warm, dry, and a place where you can go down? Are you really making it that easy? :-)

i hope you feel better soon. As a contractor i don't get anything unless I show up, and i can't work unless a 'real' employee is there, so if they are on vacation or working from home or at the doctor or just not feeling it that day, I sit at home, watching the money/clock tick by.

Get better soon!