Saturday, May 11, 2013

Detox Diet and The Trip.

I'm thin... people make sure I remember that by constantly telling me how thin I am. I'm an eater though. I love food, good food, bad food, doesn't matter. I like to eat. I especially like pasta, breads, pastries, and chocolate.

I have recently decided to go on a detox diet for health reasons. It's a diet that eliminates all grains, glutens and well basically everything that isn't just greens and meat. No sugar, no honey, no fruit even. I'll be eating salads and white meat for 10 days and then I'll gradually reintegrate fruit. I started today and I'm already in withdrawal. I want bread. I want cookies. I want chocolate, I want anything sweet. It's incredible how addicted I am to sugar and wheat. I don't know how well I'll manage this diet. It's only day one.... I'm craving bad.

I need to be organized to manage this during my work week and not just on the weekend. The hardest part is snacking. I generally eat every two hours or so. I eat smaller amounts often and I don't know what to eat during those snack moments. Plain greek yoghurt is one thing that I can eat and veggies but they both aren't terribly transportable. I'll have to work something out.

As I go, I'll update on here if I manage it. I'm hoping the blog will keep me on track.


On a separate note, I've been booking all my hotels, trains and stuff for my trip over to Paris and the UK. It's incredible how fast this trip is creeping up on me. It's already May and I leave at the end of June. I'm meeting Rob on the 7th of July so just under two months off.

I've talked to him a couple times fairly recently. We hadn't been in touch much over the past few months, we've both been busy and I think there must be a component of distance but I can't figure out the mechanism behind it or the reason why. I'm not sure if it comes from both of us or just one of us. Though I'm pretty sure it's both.

Getting back in touch was obviously really nice. I missed him a lot, I missed that connection with him. I really enjoyed our last chat. It was on Skype but it was typing only. It was just like old times (which is something that makes me feel old!) when we didn't have video or voice. We played silly word games and made stupid jokes and talked about all sorts of fun facts. We got into topics like Kids in the Hall and Moon Unit Zappa. I really enjoy that kind of talk with him. There was nothing or next to nothing sexual about it. It was very tame, like two good friends just having a good time.


Malcolm said...

Goodness Cande, I had to go find some sweet cookies to snack on after reading this.

Johanna said...

I've been on a strict diet for some time, to rule out allergies - no wheat or oatmeal, no dairy (including cheese and butter), no egg or soya. (Needless to say, I've had to give up eating in restaurants.) I feel better than I have in years, and my addiction to sugar is completely gone, which is a great relief. When I bring lunch I usually take canned fish (such as mackerel in tomato sauce or tuna), or bean salad. Nuts/almonds and avocado are great snacks.