Friday, May 17, 2013

Jobs, apartments and a Diet. (I wish this update were sexier)

Woot! I got a great job opportunity this week. It was really lucky and I thank my years of experience and hard work in my teaching. I got the job through word of mouth from two students so it makes me feel good that I got so highly recommended.

I got called into a fairly important local company, to teach a group of students.

Ok so it doesn't sound like much but to me it's huge. Most teachers here DREAM of having an opportunity like this because most of the time these companies call schools. The language schools then send out a teacher and the teacher gets paid peanuts compared to the percentage the school takes.

I got the job private so I could ask for whatever hourly rate I wanted. I didn't ask for an exaggerated amount mind you, but I did ask for 50 euros an hour. I have to pay taxes on that but in the end I pocket about 40. I'm definitely happy.

For now the course starts with 16.5 hours for an introduction and review of grammar, then there's a second part which will include a bunch of technical stuff. It's relatively complex stuff so I'll need to study to make things work. But I'm really proud of this... really happy.


As for apartments I haven't found anything, though I've only been in to one place to ask. I have memorized an apartment I saw advertised that I need to check in on, but other than that I'm basically just trying to find time to do anything.


The diet is going well. I spent the first few days craving anything sweet and breads. I had the fourth day where I started feeling awful. 5th and 6th days were hell, but then I realized that it was the meds I'm on that were making me so ill. I remedied that and feel pretty good today.  I'm sticking to my diet as best I can though on the 4th day I felt like I was going to pass out so I integrated whole rice and an apple. It was only later that I realized my symptoms were due to the meds. But I've kept the rice and apple in the diet. I feel better with them there.

I'm exhausted today. It's been a long day. I'm in a pretty good mood.... except I watched Arrow and cried.... Season Finale... I never cry during movies. But there was something about the last scenes that just got me. Next up is Game of Thrones... I'm just having a really quiet night in, it's only 8:40 and I'm ready for bed, I could easily crawl in and sleep. Maybe I will..... I need to eat first though. dinner.... the only problem with this diet is the cooking, it takes some planning.... not much mind you... but some.


Osbasso said...

Big congrats on the new job!! Hope it's as great as it sounds!

Advizor54 said...

DON"T TELL ME HOW ARROW ENDS!!! I'm three episodes behind!

BUt enough about me.

Congratulations on the job, it sounds like a great opportunity to build your reputation among people who can give you more work. It's all about the networking Baby.

And the diet sounds awful, but I'm happy you are sticking with it. I was really good on my diet this week. I didn't have any chocolate, peanut butter or bread while I was asleep. I'm very proud of my self and figure it's a good first step.