Friday, July 12, 2013

My Trip! (Intro Post)

I got back the day before yesterday. I'm exhausted but mostly because I've been working like crazy since I got in. I also came down with a bladder infection as I was leaving the UK and have been feeling generally shitty especially with 33° heat.

My trip was incredible, the whole thing. There is nothing that I wouldn't have wanted, maybe apart from the bladder infection, but I did manage to keep it at bay until I got back home. Since I'd been in Paris for 5 days before going to the UK I was pretty exhausted by the time I got to London. I just wanted to lay around doing nothing. I did do a few things like visit a couple friends, went shopping and went to an art gallery but other than that I just spent time resting. I wasn't feeling 100%, I was just feeling a little under the weather. Really tired, wanting to sleep constantly and a slight sore throat, but I was sure it was my Fibro. I was worried that if I didn't rest up I wouldn't be able to take advantage of my time with Rob.

After London I went north and did my art course. The art course was incredible, I learned tons in just a short amount of time, it was only 6 hours long but it was great. I loved every second of it. There is something to be said about creating things with a group of women. It was the first time I'd done anything similar but it was a wonderful experience. It was a bit nerve wracking considering there's this automatic comparison between your work and the work by the other people around you.

The day after I met up with Rob. We had 2 nights together and around 48 hours. We spent just about every minute of that time together minus bathroom breaks. I have no idea where to start describing things. My mind has been overloaded with way too much for the past three or four days. Out of our three encounters I believe this is the one I liked the best. The whole thing was just really intensely happy. That's the only way I can really describe it. There wasn't a second I didn't love. There's a part of me that wants to tell every detail and a part of me that wants to keep it all for myself, especially the sexual details, but I'm sure they'll trickle out as time goes by.

I haven't had time to write for myself as I usually do in my actual black diary which means that all my feelings, memories and thoughts are all jumbled together in one giant emotional and confused knot of information... Sooo I'm going to break this trip into a couple posts based on Feelings and Actions and a possible Thoughts post, I haven't decided yet how many posts, I'll just see how it comes together. It's the only logical way I can organize things at the moment and even then it's not very organized.


Advizor54 said...

take you time, enjoy the memories, and only share what you want to. Some things are best left for the heart. (wow, i'm so deep).

I'm glad you had a good trip. Next stop? California!!


Anonymous said...

:-) so much happened so few words to make sense of it all.