Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm sure most of you don't know that I've never been entirely fond of my breasts. I've always had issues with them, since I was in my teens.

When I was pre-teen, I was probably one of the first girls in my class to develop hers which made me semi popular with the boys. Shortly after that I got my period, and I think I was a first there too.

After that they kinda just stayed small and I was envious of those who had larger breasts. I fantasized about them, I remember even as a kid getting off on the thought of large breasts.

Then there was the fact that I had an innie and an outie. One nipple is perfectly pert and stands out straight, the other is shy and hides. I have to coax it out sometimes. When it's cold, on occasion, it comes out on its own.  It has always bothered me to an extent. I feel kinda unbalanced this way.

All in all though I've come to terms with my breasts. I have come to accept them for what they are. I don't fantasize about having larger ones as much anymore. I know there are a lot of men who like smaller breasts and it seems like even the more erotic porn keeps to smaller breasted women.

So yeah. That's my tits for ya.


Anonymous said...

I think the key is that you should enjoy your own breasts... which is subtly different than whether or not other people (especially guys) like to gawk at them.

Anonymous said...

I think we all have body parts that we are self conscious about. Sexual organs tend to give us the most anxiety, usually with the size.

Breasts and Penises: Seems like the social pressure is bigger is better. Women can change their size...men cannot. Women win here because small boobs are a major turn on for many men (me included) while nobody likes a small penis.

Labia and balls: The pressure is for small labia and big balls...weird. Again women win here because you can have large or uneven labia altered whereas men are stuck with the berries that god gave them.

Muscles and Legs: Big and Long are the social pressure. Men win in this category because we can get more muscles if we try but leg length is rather static.

For the record, I think you have wonderful breasts. If you ever need help getting you innie out...let me know...

Cande said...

Bob you're absolutely right. It's hard to figure out whether us women like things because we like them or because they turn men on. Sometimes it feels like all that's important is what men want. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just who we are.

Kenny. Yeah you're totally right. Each person has their issues. I get the penis, breast thing. I definitely don't get the labia/balls thing

Advizor54 said...

All i know is that my labia are way to big and one of them turned green the other day. it was quite nasty.

As for your breasts, don't sweat it. They are wonderful from what has been posted here in the past and I'm sure the BF has no complaints in that area. if he does, kick him in the balls and move out. Wait, you already are, so kick him anyways.

I have an innie too, but unfortunately that's my penis we are talking about so that becomes problematic,especially in the shrinkage-prone winter months when it actually pokes out by back. tragic really.

I would,as an interested observer,plead,from my hands and knees NOT to get them altered. 1 - they are perfect just as they are and 2 - See #1. No doctor, no bag of salt water, no artificial nipple color enhancer could make them a bit better.

I'm glad you like them. That's the important bit.

phoenix said...

Your breasts are nice and fit your body perfectly.

T Gostea said...

Your tits are beautiful and delightful from what I have seen. I havent been around much but your beauty is remembered..