Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fuck people.

I've had an intense couple of days and I'm probably really a bit on edge which amplifies things too, but seriously I've had enough of people lately.

I got the apartment, I'm happy. I'm excited and all people can do is say "what if" and "why" and "bad idea"... The worst was yesterday though. I went to a party, a friend of mine's b-day party. I knew 90% of the people there, and it wasn't a huge group but everyone knows what's going on.

I have this neighbour who was there with his gf, I've mentioned him before, and I'm only saying this because I want to pinpoint that he was one of the most supportive people during this process, he was also the first to know what I was planning on doing.

His gf approached me and the subject of moving. She said I was making a big mistake, that the apartment I got was in the worst location possible, and that I'd really regret moving out of where I am and that the whole problem is the bf and if he got (the fuck) out from under my feet I'd be better off where I am. The work space is not what I need, and anyhow "How much do you sell?? How much do you plan on selling your art??".

That! That last phrase has me pissed off. Sure I responded with ease in the moment, I said that selling isn't the point. the point is producing, making, getting the ideas out of my f-ing brain.

WTF though? Seriously. The whole point of me moving out was to get THAT space, to be able to make things without sound bothering my f-ing OCD neighbour who can't deal with people wearing runners when they're home because it makes noise.

The two of them ganged up on me, they said that if we had a referendum right then at the party and voted on who thinks I made a good choice everyone would say no. I found it really unfair.

She even came up to me after and asked if I was angry. I assured her I wasn't, and that was the truth in that moment, I'd had a couple glasses of wine, I was happy yesterday. I even thought that having them come up with the negative side I'd be more convinced of my choices, which I still feel relatively sure about.... but today, after some more unhappy comments from the bf I feel like everything is against me.

Frustrated and angry.
That is all.


phoenix said...

Some people are like that. They see someone happy so they have to try to take that away from them.

Michael said...

Try to just shake it off and not let it get under your skin. The most important person knows you are making the right move and long term it will be very good for you. The most important person plus all of us.


Chaosm said...

You can't quite be angry at that moment because you were shocked. The anger comes I guess only when you think and try to make sense of it - and come to the conclusion that these people are shit. Haha.
But the frustration is still that you don't understand why there are such people, why do they say what they say, and why you didnt say something smart to wake their bloody brains up.
But of course, the comfort is that you don't have to do anything. If their thinking is so screwed up, their mental lives are probably just as so. There's no need for revenge.