Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting Organized.

I went back to see the apartment today. It's still under renovation, which is kinda nice because I get to choose certain aspects of the apartment for myself. The downstairs won't have the chimney they'd promised me, so heating is going to be a little more finicky than I thought, but I'm sure I'll manage something. The nice thing is that they've really isolated the basement well. They isolated the flooring, basically a waterproofing (since the city I live in is built on water and we're sinking). And they've insulated the walls, so there's the brick of the original building, then some space, then styrofoam sheeting and then the gypsum board drywall. So yeah they did a pretty good job. I'm fairly happy with it. I'm hoping that this will really help with the dampness that's such a problem in this city.

I get to choose the lighting in the apartment, where to put plugs and such. The owner wants to put in neon lights, and I'm trying to figure out if I want that or not. I can always have floor lighting, but an overhead light is always useful, and I'm not sure I like neon.... I've never lived with neon lights before.

Another nice thing is that the owner is putting in air conditioning that I wasn't expecting, the agency said that there was the possibility to put it in if I wanted to do it, but that would have cost me a fair amount of cash. It's nice that he's putting it in, it means it'll be warmer and dryer in the winter, and cooler and dryer in the summer... win! oh and yeah, for the price I'm paying that's awesome.

So things are on the up and up. I'm kinda in a frustrated space with the bf, but it's nothing unusual. He's just getting on my nerves for singing constantly in the mornings. I can't wait to wake up to silence.

He's nervous I'm sure. He came home reeking of cigarettes yesterday and was even reluctant to give me a kiss... he's always pulling me in for kisses, so yeah, that caught my attention. I didn't say anything about it, I understand it's a stressful time for him.

I had horrible nightmares night before last, and last night he was whimpering in his sleep... I guess we're both on edge.

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