Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I said yes to the apartment today.
It doesn't mean much mind you. It just means that I've made some requests and the owner needs to come back with some answers. Then if all goes well I write up an official offer which will likely get accepted. I just hope things go as planned....... not like last time. 

I spent most of the day on some online interior design software to work out the layout of the two main rooms. I had to divide the space of the basement room so that I have a workspace as well as art space. I quite like the layout but it's certainly not definitive. 
The upstairs is a little more straightforward with some art space up there because there's more light for painting and stuff. I'll be able to do the nitty gritty dirty stuff downstairs. 

(Pic removed) 
Downstairs with a sofa-bed separated by shelving and a workbench on the other side. That's a small window above the workbench. (It's a basement.)

(Pic removed) 
Upstairs with table for lessons and guests for dinner and a drawing table under the window.


Michael said...

So good you have made the decision and everything is in process. Congratulations! Your whole state of being is going to improve very soon.


Anonymous said...

Pics removed .. what a pitty ;)

Living north of Italy I know the importance of a terrace in the south. But as I said you can still look for a better location ..

But Congrats to YOUR appartment.
I wish YOUR new but own appartment will inspire your work, free your mind and give rest to your soul!