Sunday, August 17, 2014

Self Image

I can go an entire day without looking at myself in the mirror. There are days when I just plain forget. Or I'll use the mirror simply to make sure my hair is not looking ratty and I don't bother looking at my face. Having said that I will other times spend time in front of the mirror analysing and studying myself. There are other situations in which I use images of myself to get off. They portray what I want to see, what turns me on, so why not. It's more common for me to use other stimuli mind you, but I have taken pictures of myself to get off. The pics used for this blog were often the source of great orgasms for example.

I've come to the conclusion though, that the need to see one's self in the mirror or on cam or in a photograph is often a sign of insecurity. Looking at myself, checking in the mirror is, for me, one way to remind myself what I look like. I don't have a clear mental image of myself to begin with. I am very curious or perhaps sometimes worried about how others see me so I tend to want to see it myself by taking pictures, video or using a mirror.

There are times when I see myself as someone may have described me, and many more times when I see something completely differently. How I perceive myself is directly linked to how I am feeling of course. What I see constantly changes in my eyes and in my mind. I have seen an ugly old hag and I have seen a beautiful young girl. It fluctuates. That's probably the worst part. The fact that my self image is not stable makes it difficult to understand what I physically look like. If I constantly saw myself as ugly or really pretty I wouldn't need constant validation of what I looked like.

I often wonder if others have the same experiences. I guess it's probably pretty normal. I'm just the over analyser.
That should be my new handle.


Advizor54 said...

I think we need to split the difference between "Self Image" and "the image i have of myself."

Whether you see yourself as the beautiful girl or the old hag is just a reflection of the day, our mood, the "bit of spoiled beef" we had for dinner, or perhaps something someone said to us, positive or negative. That's the image we have of ourselves, we project outward and then turn around and look at ourselves.

I've often asked my wife or friends to find someone who looks as much like me as possible so I can see what they see. I want to be outside myself to get an image as others see me. Am I a dick? a nice guy? a creeper? a hack?

Those perceptions play into, but do not complete my "Self Image." that's a broader scope of am I honest, reliable, smart, successful, intelligent, witty, kind, good in bed, or in shape. My self-image is built on the goals and perceptions I've built for myself, some of which have NO connection to reality.

My head is full of would-of, could-of, should-have moments that make me feel bad about myself. I internalize other people's judgments and they can make or break my day. My "self-image" is not how I see myself, but what I feel about myself, and that's a darker passage to walk.

However, for the record, you are beautiful.

Frank said...

I think one's self image can change a little from day to day. It depends on many things. It would be cool to see yourself from someone else's view though.

I only know you through this blog. You are beautiful, smart, passionate, and caring.

And I too have masturbated to images of you ;)

Anonymous said...

You could never ever be considered an ugly old hag! You are so very beautiful and so very sexy! I think we all have the same thoughts of how we look at our selves, sometimes we think we are looking well and sometimes not so much. I always think of myself as young but when I look in the mirror I am old and I don't like it much. You on the other hand, will always be beautiful and sexy! So the next time you feel ugly just email me and I will set you straight!

Anonymous said...

First thing: You are not the only one getting off from your pics - so whatever you thought about yourself

WE L O V E YOU! ;)

.. and to put it best catholic words: You have to believe.

Whatever - your local priest will support me in this case - it has worked for the catholics for more than 2000 years!

May I mention that you look hot.
And as we can read your mind is even hotter.
A 20 year old girl is no match for you. She might look younger and maybe more beautiful - but well she misses the thing called brain.
And at a certain age - when you most likely have experienced a lot - the brain is most important for good sex.

... bottom line: Don't be doubtful about yourself. If you feel bad - post a pic and ask US how u look now.

.. I have a pic of myself in my mind - usually totally wrong coz I'm not 20 anymore BUT I simply don't care.
I'm mentally balanced, have a very specific sense of humor and can do ..things.
I stick to the catholics: I' m fine ;)

Anonymous said...

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T Gostea said...

I have seen your face. You are beautiful, your face and body, all of you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it would be like to never know your own face, to never have a mirror or a reflection at all.

When I look in a mirror at my eyes I don't see me...I see this thing that I wear every day that is called by my name. I am proud of it some days and other days I want to get a new one, this one is getting old and worn out.

When I look into my own eyes and at my body it always makes me wonder what is next. Now I am alive, breathing, full of sex and energy. However everyone who has been felt the same as me once...invincible. Looking into my own eyes for too long of a time can put me in a rather philosophical mood.

When my body that I wear over that which is ME is in shape...I LOVE TO LOOK AT IT!!! Flexing, the curve of my hip with the muscular angles, the small muscle below my stomach muscles that points to my cock...I love it.

Most of the time I like to see my body connected to another. I love to look from the eyes of my lover down the body that they wear to our point of physical connection...When I NEED to cum, I watch my body touch theirs and it happens quickly.

I try to not look at myself too much, however, I love the idea of having people find someone who looks like me....I will try that...