Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Dinner

So one of the students where I work with Co-Worker decided she wanted to cook dinner for all the staff. She's Japanese. She needed a kitchen so I was the only one with a free kitchen since my boss has her grandchildren staying with her who needed to go to bed early, Co-Worker lives out of town and my other co-worker also lives out of town. Sooo My house it was.

As far as I knew though it was only going to be 4 of us. Me, the Japanese girl, Co-Worker and the Columbian girl I work with. I was hoping the Japanese girl and the Columbian girl would come together and leave together. So I'd be left cleaning up with Co-Worker, if anything to just have a chat with him. I miss our talks from Corfu.

Turns out Columbian girl's car broke down and had to be taken to the shop until Tuesday so Co-Worker had to pick both her and Japan girl up. Then the boss decided to tag along. I was unaware the boss was coming until the last minute.

The dinner was lovely though. Japan girl made amazing food, loved every bite. We had wine, which I should have avoided... I feel sick today. I really don't get along with wine, especially white wine. Buuut I got 15 minutes alone, maybe 10, with Co-Worker in my studio. We seriously geeked out about all my craft supplies.

It was a little piece of heaven... just those 10 minutes of us talking was wonderful. The interesting thing is that there are moments at work where I'd jump him. Where I feel this strong attraction to kiss him or grab him. That feeling wasn't there last night. It was simply two friends talking about art. There was no flirting at all. It was a slightly foreign sensation, but good.

At the dinner table we were talking about how we work, whether we were workaholics or not. I mentioned that sometimes I felt that weekends were a bit of a nightmare because if I don't have something to do I go nutty. He took both my hands in his and held them from across the table and thanked me. He found a person who understands how he feels. On that topic though we talked about ADD and ADHD and he said that he's learning to love the "build-up" of life. He said that most people rush to a goal and want to get that goal over with, instead he savors the path to the goal. I kept mumbling foreplay in English but no-one understood me. I mentioned it again to Columbia girl and again she didn't understand and finally I blurted it out in the local language and Columbia girl got it. Co-worker was too busy talking about his feelings and didn't hear our little side note. She giggled and said, "you're right, I guess that can be applied to all facets of life".

It sort of explains his behavior with me though, doesn't it? It was an interesting piece of information.

The evening ended with me cleaning up, and them heading out just after 11:30 and he drove the girls home. We texted a bit on Whatsapp as he drove home and once he was in bed. I joked when I mentioned that I wanted to keep him in my basement to talk about arts and crafts. He didn't respond... rather, it got lost among other messages. Who knows if he even understood it.

Oh... there was one other interesting comment that struck me. Japanese girl made dumplings and hand made the dough. The dough was rolled out onto sheets in little circles ready for filling and set on separate trays. It was Co-worker and I's job to separate all the little dough circles, they'd gotten stuck together in the heat. So as I was taking my tray off his, I said "let's separate" and his answer was "I'm not married I don't have to separate". Just an odd comment.

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Advizor54 said...

I'm glad it went well. I love hosting dinners, having people over, and tasting new foods, but, if my boss shows up i'm burning my house down and leaving the country as soon as he rounds the corner. I do not need that evil infecting my house.

But, enough of that.
THe few moments with co-worker sound very pleasant, comfortable, just right. Jumping at this point may be overplaying your hand, but keep it in mind.