Saturday, August 30, 2014

So this is about to happen

I'm going to be at an art opening that I was invited to by my Ex-Lover who I met today for coffee (he now lives in N.America and is visiting). He HEAVILY hinted at wanting to get me in bed, asking if he could come back to mine or if I wanted to stop at his hotel. I politely declined. I have no feelings for the man whatsoever apart from friendship.

I got a text ten minutes ago from co-worker who knows Ex-Lover asking if I'd be going to the opening as he and his friend were going to be there.

it's at 9.... that's in 45 minutes.

**Ex-Lover story in brief for those who don't know... which is most, I'm sure.
When I first started working where I work he was my co-worker. We had a lot in common but I was living with the bf already at that point. He was single and we had a fling that lasted a short while. He eventually met an American girl and got swept off his feet to the States where he now lives with her and their two kids. I wasn't much into him after the first intense bit... he was pushy and I remember a couple unfortunate events. One in particular where I hadn't agreed to having sex and he went ahead with it anyhow. I did assert a couple nos and it wasn't fun. It was my only experience with a date rape situation... it wasn't as bad as you might think, I kinda gave up I guess. It felt rather horrible after, but I got over it very quickly. Despite that episode I still consider him a friend.

I'm curious to see how things will go this eve as I'm sure I'll be flirting with co-worker.

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Ebony Panther said...

So what happened that night?