Friday, January 2, 2015

On Top.

Sex with the bf is always good. Every time we have sex I say this. Problem is we don't have sex nearly as often as we should for a series of reasons. My one and only NY resolution this year is to have more sex with the bf. I'm going to make it my mission. Not entirely sure how.

We have started out well though. When the bf and I have sex it's not usually a marathon, though we do those on occasion too. Yesterday was simple, probably half hour of very good stimulating sex. It's the kind that gives me butterflies when I think about it after the fact. I think back on different things and they turn me on.... He knows exactly what buttons to push and when.

The turn on this round was me on top wearing just a tank top. He pulled my tank top down, exposing my breasts through an arm hole and the neck, pulled both my nipples as I fucked him from above and came hard.

"She only cums when she's on top..."
It's not always true... but often. 


*not me*

Have I ever mentioned how getting fucked in clothes turns me on? Sure... naked is easier, it's more comfortable, but clothes are just fucking sexy. Including socks. lol I know.... but girls in socks turn me on, guys not so much.


Anonymous said...

Some thoughts on frequency with the BF

Make time to be together without distractions (no phone, TV, computer)

Find reasons to get in bed (invite him to spend the night with nothing scheduled the next morning)

Find excuses to get naked (massage, shower, lingerie fashion show)

it's not easy because he has to want it as much as you, but maybe the actions you take to set the mood might help.

I also think that getting over to his place where he feels like he is in charge might help. He likes to be dominant, you like to be controlled, perhaps arriving with a cute outfit, a chocker, and kneeling as you greet him might do the trick.

Good luck on a wonderful resolution.

you also might want to share your goal with him. If my parnter set such a goal I'd certainly help them meet it.

Marcus said...

Socks! Yes, love socks

GoodWill said...

I'm with you on the socks. Can be so sexy on a woman.