Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Flu

I came here with the intention of writing something sexy. I really did. I even had the post partially started in my head except I can't. I'm just not feeling it. The feeling kinda disappeared... *poof* just like that.

I'm on day six of the worst flu I've had in over 10 years. It's going around and 90% of the people I know have had it and yes, it's this bad for everyone. It lasts up to 7 days with high fever and terrible hacking cough. Some people even get nausea, mine was mild luckily.

I feel better, I'm even eating again! Fever's been gone for two days, problem is I feel like I've been kicked from the inside out. I feel like I've done something to my lower ribs or the muscles that connect to my ribs. I can't cough without doubling over and crying, it's especially bad in the morning. The doctor I went to see was foreign and couldn't really understand what I was talking about, when he did finally (possibly) understand he said he thought it was an inflammation of the muscles and to use voltadol gel.
It doesn't really work, it just dulls the pain a little. It still feels like someone is stabbing me every time I cough.

I'm frustrated to tears which is why I'm getting it out here. Apologies.

The bf has been "great" to an extent. He's been the perfect butler, cooking, cleaning, bringing me tea, sitting at the foot of my bed looking at his tablet. He hasn't once caressed me, or hugged me or come anywhere near me. I understood the first 4 days, he was terrified of getting sick... but seriously, I need some physical comforting. It kinda pisses me off.

On the up side I had some fun chatting with Rob . He even sent me some sexy pics and a video which I haven't been able to fully enjoy yet, though hopefully I will soon. It definitely cheered me up.

Then there's the fact that I was chatting with one of my best friends yesterday and she and her bf finally decided to try having a baby. They've been at it for a month now so I'm guessing it'll happen soon. I'm really happy for them. They've been humming and hawing over it for a while now and so they've finally decided. They also got a super cute new kitten and I am envious of that too. It's damn cute.


Advizor54 said...

The BF is crazy. Get a little medical mask, snuggle up, and feel better as a couple. Besides, if he loves you, he won't mind it if he got sick taking care of you.

HA! Easy for me to say, when one of us gets sick we re-arrange the whole house into quarantine mode. i've spent many blissful days coughing my lungs up and burning through NetFlix subscriptions.

:-) I hope you get better soon!

And as for the baby? I hope they aren't expecting anything soon. One month is nothing. They are going to have to have a lot of sex for a long time. Wait, that's a good thing, right?

Chaosm said...

The flu may build some good sexual appetite for later. Especially on the first day when you suddenly feel healthy.
Suffer, and enjoy.