Monday, February 2, 2015

the Beauty of Subtlety

I think a lot of people forget the beauty of subtlety. I know I do. But when  I get away from the influences of porn and suggestion I fall back into a very naive and innocent sexuality. It doesn't take long for it to happen either, a couple of weeks is often enough. I love both mind you, I love the harsh banging of porn, the roughness of it, the hot and rushed physical desire. But there's something to be said about the delicate subtle nuances of naivetĂ©.

Let me explain.
When I get myself off I can think of any number of things. Often Rob is on my mind, or perhaps co-worker, a situation might come to mind or perhaps not but once my mind is taken by the arousal I just want to get off so I might get some video up. The visuals are excellent and fast and I am off in no time.
When I go off the visuals my mind seems to revert back to a state I had long before I ever used visuals. Anything could trigger the orgasm, but the triggers are especially basic. It could be the position of a piece of clothing, or the sensation it provides to my skin. It could be a movement of my hand or the position of a body part.

Let's take today as an example. Today I concentrated on me, there was no specific man involved in my fantasy, after all I was alone. I did as I always do, I started working on my clit. It was slow building the tension, but as it built I moved things, clothing, and limbs into specific positions. Panties  pulled down just half way over my ass, but tight over my clit and between my cheeks. Shirt pulled up to cover just my nipples.
I'm on my belly, because it's what I've always done, I revert to this position when I'm getting off for myself. One hand under me working my clit and the other wanders round back lightly moving, feeling the sensation of my ass half covered by panties and immediately getting fed a visual of what that might look like. The visual triggers higher arousal, my hand slips between my legs from behind, pushing ever so slightly on the bunched panties covering my hole and I slip over the edge.

If I have sex during this period of subtle arousal it works just as well.
I dream of a day of sexual tension with my lover. A day where it's just subtle teasing and arousal. Tied would be the ultimate tease, but barely touched.
I can imagine having my hands tied behind my back, legs tied at the thighs, calves and ankles. Panties on, bra on, and probably a pair of stay up nylons, you can decide if I should have heels on or not. I am gagged with a soft cloth.
You sit me on the edge of the bed, or you stand me against the wall, pulling at my clothing, making the strap of my bra fall, pulling my panties down just a little or pulling them tight to rub against my clit.
You slip a finger in my mouth beside the gag, pulling my mouth open more, maybe two fingers maybe even three, and then they slide down my body to my panties, spreading the saliva over the top, making the growing wet spot grow faster.
You spin me around and bend me over to look at me from behind. You pull my panties down, just a little, they're wedged between my cheeks. I can feel the heat of your hand caressing my ass, sliding down between my legs, the sensation of warmth disappears down there because I'm warmer than you. I'm wet and hot and I can only feel your fingers pushing the wet fabric into my hole.

You move around me, my head is laying on the bed, arms behind my back. Am I kneeling on the bed or am I bent over the edge with my knees on the ground? Do you want me kneeling on the ground in front of you now? Are you going to take the gag out and put something else in? Or are you going to slip my panties to one side and push your fingers ever so slightly into me? At this point I'm ready to cum. It takes time but it doesn't take much of anything else except perhaps patience but I assure you it's well worth the wait.

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Chaosm said...

I imagine you imagining, as the words spill forth from the fountain, and your fingers only ache to stimulate your imagination further - by typing.
Perhaps you did release the creative tension fully after this post?

I'm sure the second-person style of the last few paragraphs would have the male readers craving to dip their pen into your inkwell - their electric muse.