Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's been a while since I mentioned Co-W. Things have been quiet. I guess it was mostly due to holidays and the fact that during the holidays I don't see him for about 5 weeks. We started up at work again and of course Co-W is a highlight to my workweek.

Admittedly we are in touch on Whatsapp and to be honest things have picked up in conversations there. Things went from flirty to downright sexting over the past while. It's odd though, it unexpectedly changed our interaction at work too. I think, if I were expecting any change, I would have expected things to get flirtier. They didn't. I'd say they've eased off and I think it comes from me.

 I don't know if the sexting has given me a different view of our "friendship" or if it's because I've sometimes got the impression that he's a player, or the fact that I don't want anyone at work catching on to us... or as I imagine, all of the above. The sexting was hot. It had me fantasizing for days, the scene he set up was incredible and pushed ALL the right buttons. There was even the 'denial button' that is hard to grasp for a lot of people.

Thing is though, the fact that I've eased off the flirting, has caused him to notice and he brought it up with me the other day. He asked me if I was in love. We talked about love but eventually he actually stated that he knew I'd slept with someone. I'd never hinted at it. He just knows. He can tell. And the funny thing is that I knew he could. Even when we went to Corfu I knew. He asked me if I was in love before we left (consider I'd only just got back from my first or second trip with Rob). He could feel that I'd created a distance between us, the energy and connection was different and he could feel it.

It's funny how when that energy changes he always pulls me back in. I guess we all do that. We all have that hunger for attention and a need to feed our ego and to FEEL something.

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Advizor54 said...

That need to feel, that need to feel wanted, desired, loved, or at least lusted after, is a powerful motivator, it brings us risk, danger, excitement, and tragedy, but we seek for it anyway.

It is worth almost everything we have. Almost.

I think it's pretty clear that you and Co-Worker have a strong sexual tension, and if the moment presents itself that you might act on it. I would take a combination of you and Rob being in a slow point, and you and the BF being in an argument, and him in an aggressive mood to take a risk.

I look forward to reading about it.