Saturday, February 14, 2015

Going Down

When you go down on me I enter a state that is a combination between ecstasy and pure comfort. I feel like I can stretch out, arch my back, reach my arms up as far as I can get them above my head and back down to run my hands through your hair all while you drink from me.
It's like that sensation you get in the morning when you stretch, that incredible sensation of muscles both relaxing and tensing all at once and skin stretching to its limits. Imagine that in a never ending loop.

When you go down I can get lost in that sensation, I can lose track of everything, I can lose my place in time and space. My focus wanders, uncontrolled, between a star filled darkness behind closed eyes and the totality of you. I lose myself almost completely, everything disappears, even myself.

I get lost in sex too but it's different. With sex, there is a part of me that is always grounded. If you go down on me I lose my ground completely.

The physical sensations all meld into one. I don't distinguish between tongue and fingers. I can't separate the various things you do to me. I barely know where I end and you begin. All I know is that you are there and you are making everything feel incredible.


Anonymous said...

Now you have all the readers on your lips!

Great post .. and still very .. yummy!


phoenix said...

Very Nice!