Thursday, October 1, 2015

Getting ready... but not really.

I should be packing but instead I'm wasting time on nothing. I should be looking for things to bring with me, gifts for people but I'm feeling lazy. It's raining, it's been raining since yesterday and it's going to rain for another day or two so I'm thinking of going into hibernation. Drinking hot lemon, ginger and honey, sitting on the couch and watching movies all evening.

In reality I've spent a lovely couple of days with the bf. He spent last night here, we worked on editing his nieces wedding video together both last night and this morning. We work well together on this sort of thing. It's fun even, we don't argue and we both work selflessly to get a good result. There are no squabbles about anything at all. It feels good to work together to accomplish something so nice for someone else.

I'm leaving Monday. Monday afternoon the bf will be driving me to the airport. A couple days ago I mentioned in passing that I was flying in on Monday but that I wouldn't be meeting my friends until thursday morning and he got stiff and worried. He asked me why only thursday... we'd already discussed it a while back so I just reminded him they were busy on the other days, which is mostly true and I had to get an earlier flight because it was the cheapest flight.

I could feel the tension. He suspects something. He always has with the UK so, as always I need to be careful.

I need to talk to him the day after I get in. Make sure I settle his nerves. I need to figure out all the lies I need to tell him. Sounds awful... it kind of is.

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Anonymous said...

You aren't telling lies, you are, just like when you edit the video, constructing a narrative, telling a story that fits the needs of your audience.

Sometimes your audience want's a documentary, but most of the time we all want the rom-com or escapist fiction. We don't want truth, we want a story that gives us hope, even when there is none.

The BF will worry, but in the end he'll believe the narrative you present because that is the story he wants, and needs, to hear.