Wednesday, October 14, 2015

On Gagging and Rough Sex

There's a point when gagging on cock, when choking, if held long enough, that your body just accepts what's happening.
It goes through a few phases. It starts with salivation, wanting the cock in front of you, pussy wet and tingling. Licking and sucking at a comfortable depth, hand working hard, slathering and getting everything wet. Then the first few attempts at going deeper. My body doesn't accept those first attempts, I go deep, come up for air, go deeper, come up for air, deeper yet again and I cough. It's like my body is going through a very contradictory motion of utterly wanting yet refusing something. There's no forcing the body really.
This time though, Rob held my head down. I would gag, convulse, but he just pushed me further down, and this is when I realized that there's a point when the body just accepts it. I stop breathing, but I'm not holding my breath. It's that I physically can't breath through my nose or mouth. The muscles in my jaw, neck, shoulders and eyes all relax to the point of almost going limp and his cock slides down my throat. It's a truly incredible sensation. I've never experienced it before.  I think I may have come close to getting all 7 inches of him down my throat.

This was our last time. I was badgering him for attention. He'd been solitary watching tv on the sofa and I was getting bored, I wanted anything, conversation, sex, games, anything would have quenched my boredom, as long as it was him to quench it. I admitted my thirst for attention and we decided on sex. It was a decision. We went through the alternatives and this was the best one. It was rough, in the bedroom (because, yes, we had sex in other places), he got me to my knees and pushed his cock into my mouth. Once he was done with my mouth, he stood me up, bent me over at a 90° angle, he yanked down my leggings, pulled my panties roughly off and whispered "are you wet?"
"What do you think?" I answered and he pushed himself roughly into me. He spanked me and gave me red hand prints on my ass. He pounded me hard, I admit it hurt a little, but he just kept going, he asked me if it hurt and I said yes, but he just kept going. He had me from behind, hand on the back of my neck pushing me hard into the bed as he smacked into me. He slowed down a little when, while my head was turned to the side, he grabbed my throat. He gripped it hard, to the point I felt like I was breathing at a 10th of my normal capacity. He asked if it was too much, I wheezed a no, and the grip got tighter until I had to mouth the airy words "ok, now."
He whispered obscenities in my ear and fucked me hard.  I came with his fingers in my mouth as he uttered "are you going to cum, you little slut?".
He pulled out, laid me on my back and knelt next to my face. He looked down at me as I fingered myself, "I'm going to get myself off again" I said and then asked him where he wanted to cum. He said "on your face, in your mouth mostly. The first one to cum pays for dinner." He worked his cock over my mouth, balls bobbing up and down into my mouth. I would reach out with my tongue and take them in. The sensation of a very full mouth and just having had an orgasm, being totally wet and knowing he was going to cum soon made me cum again. As I came I proudly exclaimed "I'm buying" and he looked temporarily confused then, the 'Oh' look on his face as he came too.


Osbasso said...

So, did you have a good time on your trip? :-P

cammies on the floor said...

such a hot story

john smith said...

I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip, that part of it sounded wonderful!

rachel-xx said...

OH MY GOD!!! I am soaking wet now thanks to you!!! You have me dying to be used the same way . . . right now.

Peter Princip said...

Thank you...