Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to Business

Hello BlogStars!

I'm back from my stressful holidays, and I feel like I already need another one.

Here's the most recent news. And I feel childish, almost ridiculous even bringing it up (like gossiping in high school!). I was eating at the cafeteria the other day with some co-workers and friends. My cute co-worker was there and I happened to be sitting next to him. He pulled out his phone to show us a video he had been working on with a friend so I leaned in to watch... I leaned in as close as I could get. I got closer than I needed to, but he then pulled me in closer by putting his arm around my shoulder and waist. He left it there for the whole viewing of the video, 2:40 minutes. I didn't see much of the video. I was too busy concentrating on his hand.

His hand, in fact, didn't move at all. There wasn't the slightest caress nor touch. The whole arm was just draped artfully and not completely limply over my side.

What to make of it? Nothing to make a fuss about. But it does hop into my mind on occasion.

It reminds me of another such occasion when we had a dinner with friends and he was present. I had a shirt with snap buttons and he walked up to me and did one of the top ones up. Yeah... he didn't undo it, he did it up! But the proximity.... yeah it made me stop in my tracks, and again, I think about it on occasion. These thoughts mostly progress on to other naughtier thoughts, but I'll leave those for another post.

As far as Rob is concerned. I've been in touch with him a few times since I got back. We managed to chat on MSN or Skype. And yes, I'm still hooked as ever. He makes me laugh and brightens my day up.

Yesterday he texted me to tell me that he'd be on in the mornings and I told him that I might be able to get on only Friday morning (if BF goes out). And he whined asking if he'd have to wait that long (which I loved, it makes me feel wanted, needed). I promised him I'd try to get on late nights even though my work load is huge this winter and it'll be difficult.
When I asked him what he wanted to do, he told me that he wanted to chat, make me wet and watch me fuck myself. Which I am absolutely looking forward to. I will just have to find the right time. Try Try Try...


Leonhart said...

Good to see you back, and sounding so positively giddy too!

James said...

welcome back, sounds like things are going very well.

Cande said...

Leonhart. Thanks :) yes giddy, quite giddy :D

James: Thank you they "Seem" to be lol. nah they're fine :)