Friday, February 26, 2010


When he got in, he was all sweaty and dirty from working on his brother's new place. He jumped in the shower and got clean. When he came out he went into the bedroom as usual and started to get dressed. I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. He was still moist from the shower. I was completely dressed, and he slipped his hands under my shirt to caress my back. He undid my belt and the button on my jeans so that he could slip his hand inside.

This is when I said that he'd have to fight for what he wanted. At this point we both got giddy and giggly. He started pulling on my jeans hard. Forcing them down and I was laughing hard, he kept flinging me around to get my jeans and panties off.

When he finally succeeded he was kneeling on the edge of the bed and my legs were on his shoulders.  He dropped down to the floor and started licking. Licking and fingering, teasing, and getting me oh so wet.

Then he stood and pushed himself into me. We changed position a million times. We have a mirror near the bedroom and I wanted to watch. I eventually stood up and leaned against the wardrobe, and he took me from behind. Pounding into me hard. Grabbing my tits, squeezing my nipples.

From there we went back to the bed. And I was on top. I always cum when I'm on top. Just like the song... He teased my ass, had me grinding for more. And when he pushed his finger in I came hard.

We finished with me kneeling over him, showing him my pussy from behind. I fingered myself for him, and he came watching me.


Leonhart said...

Wow. Looks like you got 'laid' like you wanted. That sounded incredibly hot.

Cande said...

Oh it was good yes. Hot, very... and yes it was just what the doctor ordered! :)

Racer X said...

Yes, watching from a mirror is hot. And I too love to slide a finger into a girl's ass while I am fucking her from behind, or in any other position for that matter. Drives women crazy.

Inferno said...

We have two very large mirrors in our bedroom just because they are so wonderful to watch with.