Friday, February 26, 2010

Sex Shop Story

So Bf and I were in KL for about 10 days with nothing to do but wait for our India visas and go shopping in the many shopping malls that they have there. In one of these there was a sex shop full of toys and lube. I've been pushing bf to go to one with me here in Italy, not in town but when we pass one in another town. Italy is such a small place I think he's afraid of bumping into someone he knows so he kept refusing. But faced with a sex shop in a mall in a foreign country he actually asked me if I wanted to go in.

It was pretty surreal. It was all black lights and bead curtains. There was this young guy (about 18) who wouldn't leave our sides. He kept talking about the products. Saying things like "this will stimulate both holes". I just kept laughing. I thought it was the funniest thing. So every time I touched an object he'd make some lewd comment about what it did.

On the shelves there were also Origami cranes as decoration. Bf pointed them out because I know how to make them too. When I touched one of those the guy said "those are just for decoration". Hahahaha

I just cracked up and had to walk out. I was picturing one getting stuffed into holes....

Bf complained that it was impossible to buy anything with a leech on your back like that. He wanted more privacy to talk to me about the objects. Too bad really, it would have been fun to get something.


Gray said...

Hahah the poor boy was probably excited to see you two! Should have messed with him.;)

Leonhart said...

Yeah - a pushy salesman in a place like that is the last thing you need.

I remember when Wife and I were in a sex shop and bought a vibrating cock ring. The girl - terribly young, I thought - was showing us it and caught me looking at the actual cock ring and how small it appeared.

"It's OK, it stretches wide," this young girl informed.

There I was standing in a shop with some young girl advising me how easy my hard cock would fit into this object she was showing me. Surreal and, frankly, quite a turn on.

Cande said...

Gray: Totally, I should have screwed around with his head!! I hadn't thought of that!

Leon: Somehow I think girls are better in shops like that than guys. Guys are just creepy in places like that.

Inferno said...

I think guys behind the counter are fine in stores like that, but women are better at the floor sales... guys just make to many people uncomfortable in those situations

Anonymous said...

where is that sexshop in KL ?

Cande said...

It's in one of the many malls. I think it was Bukit Bintang Plaza.