Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eyes Wide Shut

I was watching Eyes Wide Shut last night and it got me thinking.
Apart from all the stuff you can find on internet about the symbolism and dream analysis going on. There was something that caught my ear at one point. I found it incredibly true.

It was a scene where Nicole Kidman and her hubby Tom Cruise are stoned, she's sitting on the floor telling him about her thoughts on a man she had seen at a hotel while they were on holiday. She wanted him so badly that she would have given up everything (husband, child and lifestyle) to be with him even for just a night. She says though that what was weird about the situation was that the love she felt for her husband had somehow been intensified, she says "... and yet it was weird cause at the same time you were dearer to me than ever", and repeated the concept again by saying "...at that moment, my love for you was both tender and sad".

This statement hit a chord inside me. I can't figure out why it's so true. I've felt the exact same way so many times.

The film has an expectedly large  number of people trying to analyze it and dissect it. The one thing that interests me most is the use of colours in the movie. Red and Blue are significantly used during the whole movie but in this scene it is completely evident that these colours in fact symbolize something. They frame Nicole during the monologue. The curtains are a deep red and the window lets in a blue light.

I'm sure there are hundreds of possible interpretations. But I think I'll be doing some research on this.


Leonhart said...

I know what you mean, about that tender and sad line ringing true. The way the film works, Kidman's character is in possession of all the sexual power and her tender sadness is that she denies her own lust out of faithful pity to her husband.

I've only seen the film once, though I do seem to recall the woman Cruise meets up with (a prostitute?) was totally hot.

Cande said...

Hmmm yeah, that is also a very good point. I hadn't thought specifically of that side of the movie.

And yes, "Domino" is HOT very very hot scene. She ends up with Aids though... creepy when you think about it in the end.