Monday, May 3, 2010

Alcohol = Sex. Why?

I was invited to a party on Saturday. It was a BBQ at a friend's place. 

This girlfriend of mine is Swedish and recently (in the last two years) introduced me to a british girl who works here, She's from London. Let's call the british girl Missy, and the Swedish girl, we'll call her Elaine. 

So I have this huge group of friends it's a fairly international group mostly people from out of town or out of the country like myself and Elaine. We meet up quite frequently for lunch. In that group there are people that I work with, others that I met through people I work with, and among them there is a man who is now my neighbour. Let's call him Saint for the sake of this story. 

I'd better write a list of characters for this story:

Swede girl: Elaine
British girl: Missy
Neighbour: Saint

Saint and Missy actually got together for almost a year at one point about a year ago. Missy arrived shortly after their breakup and got the brunt of Elaine's complaining, and she can't really stand the Swedish girl. Elaine and Saint are still friends and possibly fuck buddies, he is now "dating" a woman, it's a long distance relationship but he seems to be genuinely in love with her.

Anyhow let's get back to the story at hand. It was hard to go anywhere without any background to these people. Well I got to the party and Missy was there with a friend who was visiting from London. Elaine was making a cake and had refused to open any wine before finishing it. It was 12:00. These people drink themselves silly every day practically. Missy really didn't want to be there, she had been there since 9:00am and just kinda wanted to go home. When I got there I opened the wine and the "party" started... 

People arrived. My neighbour was there, some italian guys were invited, some other women too. One chick I taught at high school... ugh. But anyhow I proceeded to get trashed. It was the only thing to do. I was in great need of getting plastered too. Bf wasn't able to come (thank god) he was home with a cold.

My Saint and Missy were about the only two people that I could really lean on, and joke around with, they were the only ones I really knew very well. 

Things got pretty blurry at one point. I had had a bunch of wine and had started on some other heavier stuff. I remember one of the Italian guys feeling my arm up... (strange thing to feel up), but his hands moved over my arm and then my waist and headed south from there as I bent over to put something in the garbage. He never got out of hand though (pardon the pun).

Another Italian guy made interesting comments about going downstairs to take a nap, and that there wouldn't be any sex... I had washed my feet a few times since I had been walking around barefoot for some time, and he said that they were clean enough to suck on.

Saint and I ended up sprawled on the couch together, my head on his tummy we were close to passing out. His arm was wrapped under me, hand on my belly, and he kept tapping me and asking me about a girl who was at the party and how long I thought it had been since she last fucked.

The party was seriously charged sexually. Everyone seemed to be making sexual comments, groping a bit, All I wanted to do was get laid by two guys. God, I'm sure if I had been single I would have brought the two italians back to my place, they were up for it for sure.

Missy on the other hand is a girl that I like a lot, she's pretty hot. She has a nice body. She's just always drunk. She's always hanging around with guys and flirting tons. I've always wondered about where she disappears sometimes with guys when we've been out drinking together. Anyhow I'd sleep with her while drunk for sure. 

What I don't get though, is why everyone gets so bloody charged sexually when they've been drinking. 


Anonymous said...

Well I think it is more they just do and say things more readily when drinking. Everyone (or most everyone) it seems is sexually charged most of the time they just don't put their hand on your ass or discuss some things when sober.

I would think that most guys would be up for the 3-some with you not just the I-talian guys.

Sounds like a good time though.

CeCe Savage said...

That definitely sounds like an interesting party. Was the point of the party just to get drunk and eat cake cause that would be awesome.

Cande said...

Sage: Yeah that's very true, people are overly sexed up and need some kind of sexual release. Our society is pretty dampening on that front.

CeCe: yeah, that was pretty much the point. Um there wasn't much cake eating though. We forgot about it until right at the end. So only a few people had the privilege! haha

Diner Nighthawk said...

I can't speak for others, but I know that when I got to a party and get hammered, it's usually because I'm ALREADY sexually charged at the prospect of leaving the party with someone, and the alcohol helps with the inhibitions. I'm not naturally a pick-up-a-girl-at-a-party type of guy though, so it takes a LOT of alcohol :)

I had no idea you felt so strongly about threesomes. Is this something BF might indulge you on?

Cande said...

DN: yeah I used to do that too. But ever since hooking up with bf I haven't done that purposely. Now it's just the alcohol bringing out the sexual frustration in me.

I doubt he'd indulge me on it unless it were FFM and I'm not terribly cool on that idea if it's with him. He wouldn't do a MMF... out of the question for sure.