Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raoul's blog and more hot sex


Something came up with Raoul's blog. Remember the one I randomly came accross a while back? 

He actually mentioned me in his blog today. He know's I'm reading it. 

Here's what he wrote.

"in closing, i'd like to salute my reader based in xxx. you should really pick a new location to hide in because the only person i know in that country lives in xxxxxx... and she never leaves me notes on my blog. she is welcome to read it whenever she wants... you on the other hand; i don't really care. just keep your comments to yourself please. not interested in what you have to say. "

The second part... now that I read it again. Is not for me... from the "you on the other hand..." It's for his ex girlfriend. 

So It made me flush, smile and feel horribly stupid for not mentioning it to him.

I have now sent him an email to make up for not mentioning it.

Here's what I wrote:

heh. I was wondering when I'd get to read that... And I've been debating telling you. I figured if it made enough of an impact on you, you'd mention it. And I kinda figured you knew I was reading... I could tell you had a site tracker of some sort.

It came about rather randomly really. Something my mother used to call me and my sister before she passed away 5 years ago.
You happened to mention it on FB and I remembered my mother's comments. Never figured it out so I looked it up... With quotation marks. Guess what came up... the only thing that came up that day on Google, You guessed it... your blog.

Well there it is, there's the story. I can just go away if you like. I'm not bothered. I'll just lose the bookmark.

Shoulda told you earlier tho... my mistake.    

He wrote me back

Got all flustered... no, no, no, no. He was referring to his stalker like ex girlfriend with a roaming IP address to leave nasty comments on his blog. Heh.. anyhow he was sweet to say that he is happy that I read his blog. I've sent him an email back saying I may even comment now that he knows I'm officially following.

So that's it folks. He's figured me out. Wonder if he has found mine... I doubt it.


What else is up.

My cute co-worker has been making the usual sexual related comments and being somewhat touchy feely and it's driving me a bit loopy. I never know what to make of it. I think often what might have happened had we both been single. People that come to our studio think that we're a couple often, I guess it's the fact that we keep such a close proximity when we're near each other. 

I had another morning of amazing sex with bf the other day. It was of the slow building kind that I love so much. He spanked me good, which he has never actually done. This was the first time he just spanked without penetration. He usually spanks when we're already having sex. This time it was part of the foreplay which was amazing. I loved it. 

While he did that I went down on him, got his cock really supper slippy and used both my hands and my mouth, which I always do, but this time I think he really enjoyed it. I'm honestly still learning to give a good blow job, I've never really had anyone tell me I was good or bad... so I just judge it by the reaction. This time he was grunting and groaning and thrusting. In turn this made it somewhat of a deep throat thing and that was superbly enjoyable, if only he'd take hold of my hair and do a little more guiding... 

Then it was me on top sex, as usual, but he was getting too close to orgasm so we had to slow down, he had his finger in my ass, I was getting close and he wanted to pull out. I hadn't cum yet so I slipped him in the back door. This was only the second time we've done it where it felt so right. Where it was so easy, so painless. It was hot. I came, and he came inside me.... 


Advizor said...

Maybe the BF is picking up on the vibe between you and the sexy co-worker, you are probably coming home all hot and bothered and he's sensing the hormones in the air.

I'm glad that you are getting more from the BF. I think physical intimacy can build towards emotional intimacy and maybe you'll be able to talk through the issues you are facing in your relationship. And, I love hearing your stories, so it's a win/win for everyone.

cheshirecat said...

Found something relating to cam safety. I couldn't find any of girls flashing themselves to what they believe are the jonas brothers (it has been rife on chatroulette) but maybe this will cheer you up on a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I stumbled upon it from Rachel's, which I found from Little Red's which I found from CJs. Very interesting posts. Spanking sounds like a lot of fun. As for someone telling you whether or not a BJ is good or not, probably won't happen, anytime I'm receiving one it is going to be a good one!

Diner Nighthawk said...

That sounds... perfect, really.

Anonymous said...

great post

yes, definitely win/win