Sunday, May 9, 2010

Got Some... finally

Bf woke me up this morning, we were supposed to head to see some friends early, and so he crawled back into bed around a quarter to 9 (yeah,that's early for me...on a Sunday).

He started as he usually does. A little back rub, running his hand down my ass between my legs. He slid a finger in and slid the other hand down my front to rub my clit. It got me so wet, so fast... I honestly don't remember the whole thing. It lasted an hour. I refused to let him cum. I was having too much fun. First he fucked me from behind, spooning me, slow and easy, then I turned onto my back, never letting him pull out, and we were locked, knotted with our legs one over the other. His thigh resting on my tummy and my thigh over his hip. At a 90° angle to each other. In this position he hits my g-spot perfectly. As per usual though, it had been too long since we last had sex and there was no promise of an orgasm for me. But trying was a LOT of fun. 

From there I climbed on top of him, this is when he started saying that he wanted to cum. Since I refused to let him, I slowed things down. But he couldn't help play with my ass. 

As some of you may remember, it totally turns him on. Just the thought of sticking his finger in my ass makes him want to cum. 

This is why I pulled away from him and turned myself around. I wanted him to see me from behind. I straddled his chest, leaning my tits on his hard cock, and I fingered my pussy from below. This is when he started licking his finger and rubbing my ass to get it nice and wet. So with the other hand, from above, I slid a finger into my ass slowly. He was locked into position, he couldn't touch himself and my hands were too busy with myself, but my tits were sliding up and down on his cock while I fingered myself. He then decided to join in. He slid a finger in my ass, while I fingered myself, and he pumped me good, I almost couldn't control my movements. I ended up grinding on his chest while he did that.

I then turned around, and slid back down onto his hard shaft and rode him, while he pinched my nipples. 

He came very shortly after that. I pulled off and I reached back and jerked him the rest of the way off. 

Now... I want more... I'll have more for sure. It was getting to be a bit too long.

Damn. Today I was so horny, since I didn't get an orgasm, that I managed to slide all but my thumb inside myself. I was dripping. I haven't ever tried that before. I'm proud of myself :-)


Anonymous said...


Excellent. Very hot. Damn. Sounds like fun to me! Hate you didn't cum though. Sounds like you took care of that with all but the thumb though. Congrats!

Advizor said...

You are just killing me. I love how you describe everything with such honest enthusiasm. Has that ash cloud from Iceland cleared up yet? I may need to book a ticket soon....

I'm hoping you get your turn very very very soon.

Leonhart said...

Holy hell. That sounded contorted but mostly just damn good.

The 'everything but the thumb' thing, where I'm from we have a name for that: a 'kit-kat'.

If you don't know why maybe someday I'll explain it!

Cande said...

Sage: I got mine that evening, so it's all good! :)

Advizor: haha, um, airways are backed up again. But when they clear I'll let you know ;)

LH: Hahah I think I do get it. Kit-kats have 4 sticks... could that be it?

James said...

wow, damn that's hot, and so lucky for both of you!

Diner Nighthawk said...

And now I've officially given up on concentrating on work today. Thanks Cande! :-D

Cande said...

James: lucky indeed! hehehe

DN: Glad I could be of service ;-)
I've been slow at reading your last two posts. I need some time to relax and read those. I'm very curious about the confession number 8 (I think that's the number).