Thursday, March 14, 2013

A week in Men continued

So apart from those men I mentioned in the last post there were another two involved in my week. 

One is my mother's ex partner. He is not mentally well, he is not socially capable, and he's just getting the hang of computers, social networks and even a few blogs. He's a very intelligent man, but has great difficulty letting go of my mother's death. He contacts me. He has been doing so for years but recently with his becoming more involved with his blogs he has been sending me emails, many of them. Last week he probably sent me a total of 12 emails. They were not directed at me, they were correspondance with others. Why? because he says he wants to keep me informed of what he is up to.

One was directed at me though. He asked me to pass on a message to a friend.... And this is where the second man comes into play. The second man is my sister's ex boyfriend, he cheated on her. She hates him with all her heart and will never forgive him for what he did to her. 

My mum's ex asked me to contact my sister's ex. How fucked up is that? So the story goes that my sister's ex wrote a comment on my mum's ex's blog thinking it was my dad who was writing the blog. So my mum's ex asked me to pass the message on that it wasn't who he thought it was.

I got the privilege of talking to my sister's ex on fb for a bit.... joy. I kept it short and sweet.

The saga continues. My mum's ex has been posting comments about me on photographs with a friend of mine, including a compliment to my friend's physical aspect as well as mine. ugh. 

I finally decided to write my mum's ex an email about flooding me with emails, I subscribed to one of his blogs, hoping he'd back off, and he did. 

I tried to convince him that he should let go of his guilt and not blame himself for my mother's shortened life. Apparently (he says) she blamed him for it. I told him he wasn't responsible.... who knows if he'll ever let it go.

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rachel-xx said...

Just popping in to comment that I am often thinking about you. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.