Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thanks,stats and blog list.

I want to thank all my followers and blog friends. I have a lot of lurkers who I also love. I see you lurking and I love that you're there reading and keeping up. I'd be happy to hear from you, but I know that sometimes it's just easier not to write a comment, that's all good too, I am happy no matter what.

I need my followers, the ones who comment and the ones who don't. It forces me to be faithful to my decision of blogging. I wouldn't bother if I knew no-one was reading. At that point I'd keep a journal. I need the external stimuli to keep writing.

I have had a total of about 88,713 visits to this blog since I started in May 2009. I have an average of visits per day that fluctuates, but right now it's around 55. The nice thing is that the average visit length is actually 2.00 minutes long! That, to me, is impressive, it means that people are reading and paying attention.

I need to update my side blog list, which I hope to get to this week. But here's a list of my favourite blogs. I would suggest that any lurkers and public readers out there take a look to see what they're offering. 

I love women's blogs more than men's. If it's the right kind of blog, I'll read every post they write but I have only found a few (2) women's blogs that I really truly connect with. As for the men, I like looking into the male psyche, but I'm not an avid reader of male blogs. I have many I stop in at regularly, but I just don't have time to keep up with everything. I admit I follow more men than women, but it's the women's blogs I like more, it's just harder to find exactly what I like in a woman's blog.
I think too that I'll follow a blog more if I catch it from the start. If I have to dive in mid blogging, I have a harder time with it. 

Ladies first:

Rachel-xx @ Naughty Rachel - xx : She has a blog that is quite similar to mine in that it's the honest, open diary of a woman exploring her relationship possibilities. We could honestly be sisters, we are similar in many ways, we just have so much in common.

Johanna @ Disentangling Johanna : Johanna is a blogger whose blog is on a very similar topic to mine since she has a a very important online relationship like mine and Rob's. They haven't met yet but I do believe that someday they will. They are very very close and have recently realized just how close they are.

Sin @ Finding my Submission :  She is a sub in a Dom/sub BDSM relationship. Her blog is mostly an outlet for her thoughts, troubles and trials, as well as ideas on this type of relationship. 

Conina @ Surrender : I'll let her tell you what she's about. "The love of my life is also my husband and master. He's a very very accommodating man who is also not afraid to take what he wants from me . That makes me the luckiest girl alive. This is my story of submission, of surrender, and of joy - mostly told through sex."

Liza @ Always Each Other : Here's what her intro says: "Liza is one half of a happily married couple who have recently rediscovered one another. We can't be pinned down." 


Advizor @ Free Advice is Worth What you Pay for it : This is a good friend of mine, we met years ago through the blogs. He is hosting Flash Fiction Friday, so if you have a blog and want to participate go over there and find out what it's all about. He is a great writer of erotic fiction and you'll find general diary entries on his blog too. I guess I go for the diary type blog more than the journalist type blog.

DoG3oY @ The Guru's nipples of power : Now this guy has a sort of diary as well. Though he's not great in keeping it up recently, we need to encourage him to do so. He's always had a mix of stuff on the blog from work related banter to erotic thoughts and stories. 

N.Likes @ My Dissolute Life : He's got mostly erotic but the occasional real story diary type entry. He likes commenting on women he sees, a bit of a voyeur really. 

JFBreak @ Break Out : is a bisexual man and his trials and tribulations in his marriage to his wife. The threesomes they've done and his interactions with male colleagues at work. It's a great mix of erotic and diary. I've been following for some time but recently I've been paying more attention to this blog.

Malcom @ Malc's Blog : His is a collection of thoughts more than anything. An older man with a younger wife and his attractions to other women and his thoughts on eroticism and many other topics.

Tom @ Three spelling Mistakes : Tom has great writing abilities. He writes short erotic stories that just leave you wanting more. I haven't been keeping up with his blog as much as I'd like since I can't get it onto my reader list (not sure why) and I keep forgetting to add it as a bookmark, but I'll figure something out. He's on a no masturbation celibacy vow at the moment, let's see how it goes!

Osbasso @ Views from the Back Row : This is the famous HNT blog starting point. HNT doesn't exist anymore though on occasion there are returns... now that I think of it I'm pretty sure he's set up a monthly HNT event, though I've been so busy I haven't had time to check out when it is. His normal posting is mostly day to day stuff, but I love peeking into people's lives so it's just my style. 


sin said...

Cande, it's so nice when I stumble on someone saying they like my blog. It just makes my day. So thanks.

Thanks as well for the other blog suggestions. I read some of these and haven't seen others. There are a couple which I'm going to check now. I also tend to prefer women, but maybe that's a style thing, and I'm not actually sure what I mean by that; something to ponder.

You say you prefer diary to journalistic type. I wonder how you'd differentiate?

thanks again,

Advizor54 said...

"This is a good friend of mine"
That is going to make me smile all day. I LOVE being on this list. I've enjoyed your blog since the moment I found it and I am thrilled that I can call you a friend. You've kept me in the blogosphere on many a dark night when i thought about shutting down, so thank you for your friendship and support.

I like your blog roll as well. I've read bits and pieces of all of them and they are always worth a visit.

Thank you for your honesty, your writing, your pictures (hot) and for being a bright spot in the Internet.

(And yes, come over and check out this week's FFF prompt, it's a lot of fun!!)

Malcolm said...

I'm delighted that someone sensible favourites my blog. Yours is one of my favourites, too, Cande. I like a blog where I get glimpses of the blogger's everyday life, and not only blow-by-blow accounts of their sex life (though that too, of course).

CuriousRob said...

I found your blog through JF Breaks's Break Out, and I'm glad I did! I've been going through reading your older posts, and I love your honesty and openness.

I'd already stumbled across Advizor54 and Tom as well, and I really like them, so I know you have excellent taste. I'll definitely check out the other blogs you mentioned.

JFBreak said...

Thanks for including me on your list. Great minds think alike!

Johanna said...

Cande, I'm honoured, and glad to have found you! I'll never forget that time years ago when I desperately searched for someone struggling with the wonderful ups and the dreadful downs of an online relationship... I found your blog and read it straight through, and I felt I could relate to every single post. I'm glad you're out there. (And I'm glad you inspired me to start blogging.)

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah, i'm famious.
bring on the bitches and reality tv series


love your work babe

Tom said...

Thanks for including me! And praising my writing abilities, wow! You really know how to turn a guy on... too bad I'm not masturbating for 11 more days. ;)

Osbasso said...

I guess I'm the last to weigh in on the thanks... Thanks!

And yes, HNT will be a quarterly thing (as opposed to monthly). We'll see how that goes. Don't forget next week!!!