Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Week in Men

It's been a strange week, a really strange week.

Office Guy
The Office Guy got back in touch with me this week. He's still a tad weird. I walked passed his office and politely smiled as I've always done. He barely managed to smile back. After a few hours I got an email from him saying that he thought I'd acted stuck up. I mean WTF I smiled at him. When I asked him in what sense he said that I hadn't paid attention to him. I loled and said that I'd smiled and it was him that barely got a smile back.

I got IMed by an ex of mine that I've mentioned before. He was a brief encounter in a year back home before deciding to dedicate my life to my bf and move here. Fact is that he's going through a separation and is leaning on texting me to placate his loneliness or something. It's a bit...ugh... I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't mind giving a friend an ear when they want to talk or vent... but he's getting into the habit of IMing me every day.

He basically spent an entire day IMing me about our relationship. The fact is he says he was in love with me. He said that I changed his life. I made him see that he was capable of being an attractive lover if he became more self assertive. I don't remember that. He also said that I'd told him that he was better looking than bf and better than the bf at sex. I don't remember any of that either. I barely remember the sex with him.

He also mentioned that his ego was boosted by the fact that I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on. k that was an ego boost for me but not worth the bother of some guy I barely know IMing me every day. So now I'm forced to turn the FB chat function off in the evenings.

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Advizor54 said...

You could say to the ex-BF, that you are happy that he remembers your time together so fondly (even if inaccurately) but that in your current situation you can't offer anything more than the occasional chat and that it would serve him better to find a support group closer to home.

or, just block him on FB and be done with it.

As for Office Guy, smile once then move on, no need to encourage him.