Thursday, March 7, 2013

No touching

He sat naked propped on the edge of the bed, sheets in disarray beneath him.
She sat on her knees before him, glasses, thigh high black tights and a black bra, her panties had gotten lost within the sea of sheets.
The room was cool but they were both flushed. Her nipples hardened in the contrast of temperature.

"Hands behind your back baby, no touching. Let's see how you manage like that." He said to her smiling, almost laughing.

His cock was hard as rock and he loved that she could spend so much time with him in her mouth. She had spent enough time to warrant the sheet burns on each elbow.

She, on the other hand, had imagined the scene differently. She wasn't disappointed, but she had wanted him to tie her up. They were both shy and new at this and were working towards it.

She obeyed though, clasping her hands behind her back. His cock jumped in anticipation and she lunged forward to catch him in her mouth and missed. She giggled and buried her head deep between his thighs instead. Licking his balls, suckling them gently into her mouth.

He let her work, he wanted to see how well she'd manage on her own with no hands to help her and she was managing just fine.

She worked her way up his shaft, having to lift her whole body off her calves. She worked him up and down and she could feel her thighs burning from holding her body up. She wasn't sure how long she could manage it, after a short while her legs started shaking.

Sure, he noticed but he wanted to wear her out a little before helping her, then again he wouldn't exactly be helping, he'd just wear her out differently. He watched her as she took him in as far as she could without her hands.

She tried every angle she could think of. She blocked her own airways as often as she could but there really was no way she could get as deep with no hands, she didn't have the leverage.

"Want some help hon?"
She nodded and smiled. "I can't get you deep enough, I want you deeper."

He stood up from the bed and she backed up to make space for him. The room was small and they were basically wedged between the bed and the wall.

"Try leaning against the wall" he said as he took her head in his hand, and she shuffled back just a little further.
"Lean your head back and relax."

She looked up at him and smiled, he leaned in and teased her lips with his cock. She wouldn't let him in just yet. She wanted him to take more control. He slapped her lightly on the cheek with his cock and then grabbed her chin in his hand tightly, digging his fingers between her jaws to make her open.

"Stick your tongue out little slut." He ordered quietly but determined.
"Can I touch myself?" She asked hoping he'd let her.
She was dripping, she loved when he took control.

"No, of course not... That's not how it works" he laughed at her.

She pulled her tongue out and looked up at him not at his cock, straight into his eyes. He pushed so far into her throat right away, so fast and with so much force she wasn't expecting it. She coughed and her diaphragm went into a violent spasm. Her head knocked against the wall and her eyes started to water.

He pulled out as quickly as he'd gone in, letting her catch her breath.

"Sorry hon, was that a bit much?"


James said...

Mmmmmmm, got my attention!

Tom said...

Wow, very hot!

Max said...

Damn damn damn....