Monday, March 17, 2014

Full swing

Ok wow. I've got so much going on I don't even know if my feet are still attached to my body. 

The move is in full swing except that I only have the weekends and a very small car to get anything done. Which means things are getting done slowly and in installments. 

I've got the new/used bed put together and painted, I've got a bookshelf unit dismantled and remantled thanks to the bf. I've bought the wardrobe wall unit, and I've painted the aforementioned bed. I've also put one coat of paint on the aforementioned bookshelf unit. All this in three days spending almost an entire day in IKEA hell. 

I get so overwhelmed in places like ikea cause there's so much stuff, so many choices and sizes and prices. I wanted to cry by the time I got home. I had only bought the wardrobe. I couldn't decide on anything else. 

The bf is being a doll. He's helping me as best he can. I've just got so much other stuff going on I can't keep up with everything. 

I had an interview with an association for a course this spring/summer and it went well. They asked me to send an estimated cost and I've decided to ask for a fairly large sum of money. I don't care if they get someone else because the price is too high. I've got way too much on my plate to even consider charging less. I'd rather have the free time. 

There's all that plus all the bureaucratic stuff like banking and rent and the bills... Plus I'm working every day from 9-9 minimum really. I don't know when I'll do anything. 
Can I hide under a rock now? 

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phoenix said...

Sounds like everything is going smooth.