Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looking for something

I saw Co-Worker on Monday. I was at work briefly and we didn't have a lot of interaction but what little we had felt... It felt... um different. It's really hard to define or describe it. It was so minute, almost impercievable. 

He looked me straight in the eyes when I walked in. He does that sometimes but when he does he lets you know he's doing it, he is super obvious about it. This time it was like he was looking for something but without wanting me to notice. 

He kept doing it too. He kept meeting my eyes and I would look but my then I would look away. 

What came out if our mouthes was normal, like every day but there was a hint of 'trying for normal' that isn't usually there. 

What was he looking for? 

Maybe it was just very slightly awkward or maybe he was looking for my reaction. Maybe we were both looking for the truth. 

1 comment:

Advizor54 said...

i think we all look for hope, but we aren't sure what to hope for sometimes.

he may just need to know that he is still special to you.