Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Head games

Just a quick update on co-w just cause it's weird. 
Things get all intense and frequent and then he goes silent. 

If you ask me, men play more head games than women do: provoking, then laying low; luring then backing away. Drawing you in closer and closer until it's the only thing you want and then they act uninterested and distant. 

Maybe they don't realise it. Maybe it's just that they crave attention but not too much. If that's the case then make up your minds already! 

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Advizor54 said...

Men have egos that rival that of any diva. We want to know you find us attactive, we want to think we have options, that even if we are married, committed, father of 7 and man of the year that the pretty girls are still within reach.

He knows what he's doing, he's testing the waters, keeping things interesting in his head. Its not malicious until he pushes you into actions that are bad for you, but yeah, we like to play a few games, just to keep things interesting.

And i can promise that everytime he looks at you then turns away he's smiling ear-to-ear.