Sunday, March 2, 2014

Holy Co-Worker Batman!

You know that sensation when your heart beats a million times a minute and your temperature rises, you break into a bit of a sweat and you can't focus.

Co-Worker admitted to me that  there was a time when I was always on his mind. 

We got into a Whatsapp chat the other night. We chatted for quite a while about random stuff... mostly about where we live and whether it would be best to get out of here and get to a more profitable country.

I was kinda naughty at this stage and asked him to come with me to open a shop back in North America. We've joked about it before, he has brought it up in the past so it wasn't out of the blue.

Anyhow, once on the topic of moving away we started on his relationship and why his gf doesn't want to leave here. He stated something odd: that you can't move to another country if you're lacking two things, money and "emotions". We were chatting in English so I imagine he meant an emotional connection (with his girlfriend). 

It was an obvious plea for me to ask him about his relationship status so I did. His answer surprised me though. He said that they have had some serious problems but now their communication has improved greatly. They've grown up. 
(Remember they have a 1-yr-old kid now).

All of a sudden, while we're talking about their relationship in English he just blurts it out, in his mother tongue nonetheless! (He wanted to be crystal clear). 
He says "y'know up to a few years ago you were always on my mind". 

My face started to heat up with a flush of blood. Blushing terribly, heart racing, thinking "And you're telling me now?!? Wtf!". (Good thing the bf was sleeping).

It took me a few seconds to answer and by the time I got my wits together he'd written the phrases "just to change the topic ;-)" and "don't ask me anything". 

My response was in English, contrasting his language, it read "that makes two of us, problem is we never did anything about it". 

He didn't respond to that. I'm not sure he  fully understood the two phrases. "That makes two of us" makes no sense translated literally, but I imagine he got the gist of it. 

The conversation went on to other random topics as if those phrases were never pronounced. 

My brain obviously goes into overdrive with something like this and I end up analyzing it to pieces. Initially I just thought he wanted to get things off his chest, but today I'm thinking that maybe he's trying to keep his options open. 

It has certainly piqued my interest. It feels like it's opened a channel for communication, but maybe I'm wrong. I also have strong feelings about men with kids and a partner, I don't want to get involved, it's a line I've promised myself I would never cross. Maybe he has noticed my distance and lack of flirting with him recently and felt the need to push a little to get it back.

Tempting... so tempting.

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