Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Can of worms

Max may be right. It may well be a can of worms. 
Admittedly though he hasn't emailed since.

And the night while writing my last post he emailed me a few times. 
In one of the emails I said that I enjoyed talking but that I was full of reservations. So he knows my feelings. He also knows I'm not leaving the bf because he asked me directly. 

We will see how things proceed. There was also a comment from him about not meeting up for another year. He said "we didn't meet for coffee in over a year so what's another one before we talk again. I doubt he expects much really. But I could very well be wrong. 

If I were to base my prediction on what I knew of his character before I met him I'd have said he'd be a jerk and start being creepy stalkerish, but after meeting him I don't see that happening. 

He's a good guy, sweet even. 

we will see. 


Anonymous said...

Cande - get urself a toyboy from eBay
Figure out if you wanna play around or if you are looking for a new relationship.

Most important point: Never regret. You are too young and too hot to waste your youth.


Anonymous said...

I hope it works out okay with out causing any problems.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts...

One, I think I want to fuck you..

Two, If I can't fuck you then I want you to strip for me on camera...

Three...ok I added a three...I would lover another picture of your body if I can't see you live on camera...