Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Office guy

So Office Guy got in touch. Yeah I think that we're giving each other space at this point.

I checked the email account where he writes me (side note: he uses an account separate from this blog, only he writes there) every day from when we kissed to the saturday afternoon after. It was a total of 6 days I think 'cause we met up on the Sunday. I checked my email more than once a day even. I didn't write him, as you all know because I didn't think it was the best idea. I stopped checking because I figured if he hadn't written in a week he wouldn't write. On Saturday evening at 11pm he wrote me and asked me if I was free Sunday evening but I didn't see the email until Monday afternoon. I let another few days go by until I wrote him back.

I wrote him that I was sorry for not answering and I told him exactly what I explained above about checking for a while and eventually giving up. I also explained that I didn't know what to write to him therefore I just didn't write him. Furthermore I said that I'd enjoyed talking, which is the truth.

He echoed my feelings about enjoying talking and he reiterated his offer to meet up but this time saying that we could just talk, have a beer, kiss or let whatever happen, happen, even sex. He was very blunt about it and there's something that I almost appreciate about it. I don't know too many guys that would just come out and say that. Anyhow I still haven't answered. I guess I still don't know what to say. And I think he's ok with that. I think he understands. He isn't pushing. He's waiting for me to come to him, and that's fine.

I'm sure I'll make a decision at some point. There's no rush. I'm not physically attracted to him to the point where I want to jump on him. Sure, I've toyed with the idea. I think he's good looking too, but he doesn't draw me like Rob or the Co-Worker do. Maybe it's the lack of game involved. It was too easy. I have my prey and now I'm just toying with it like a cat and a hurt mouse. The challenge is gone.


phoenix said...

lol What a bad girl.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the challenge! ;o)