Thursday, May 15, 2014

Goings on

Office Guy
So a quick update on Office Guy. He hasn't emailed me. Now the question is whether I should be the "good" one and email him. That's what he's waiting for. He's testing to see how much I care. I might wait a bit longer, which is mean, but I probably should email him right? It's the 'right thing to do'....?

I saw Co-Worker today. It was a random encounter. I went to have lunch in the usual group watering hole expecting to see just a couple friends and he shows up unexpectedly. As I walked next to him and another friend to go grab our trays he put his arm around my shoulder and side-hugged me. I leaned in.

We were talking about oil on bike chains and how it's best to use a liquid oil rather than a paste and I said "yeah like Wd40 or something". And he looks at me all surprised and says "how do you know Wd40?" I'm from North America so Wd40 is probably the most common lubricating machinery oil you can come across while here it's not common at all. I didn't realize that as I was answering and just said "It's just something I know". Then out of the blue he asked me to marry him. Now this must be the 4th or 5th time he's jokingly asked me to marry him. This time I didn't hesitate and said yes.

The nice part of lunch was when a bunch of people showed up to join our table and we all had to squeeze in together. I ended up getting moved next to him and was riiiight up against him for half an hour. I've mentioned it before in a post long ago, before the corfu trip with him, but there's this physical energy between us. It's like static. Both our arms' hair stands on end.

He kept saying he had to go, but wouldn't get up. Eventually the other colleague stood up to leave so they left together.

Mmmm I had the most wonderful little jaunt with Rob today. I happened to have an hour free this afternoon so I asked if he was around. He teased me a little and we just texted back and forth for a while until we got into the sexting. He eventually told me to turn on Skype and proceeded to get me off, three times. I was so utterly wet, hovering over my phone panting, hands completely covered. So damn good. All sorts of sexy imagery... I will never get tired of that.

The text conversation we had beforehand was fun too. It was a bit of back and forth about odds and ends I'd been meaning to ask him and never got round to. But I also asked him to record me another song. Funny thing is he asked me how many songs and which songs he'd sent me. I found it surprising he couldn't remember. It's one of those things I guess, there's no way I'd forget what he's sent me. I suppose if I had to remember what I've sent him though it might be difficult.

I enjoyed his comment that I just like his songs because I'm "madly in love with him". I guess it's true. I mean he's good. He's a pretty good guitar player, much better than I am on my uke and his singing is above average. He's not a professional singer, no, and he's not perfect, but I do love his songs because of him too.

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Advizor54 said...

You are the most popular girl in town is seems like. I'm sure that it's a reflection of the happiness at moving out on your own. Everything seems to be working out nicely.

That's wonderful.